Is Sattvic Lifestyle all about food?

Conversationally, a friend who practices #yoga #vegetarian #lifestyle, remarked, “….anyway, sattvic lifestyle is all about food…” “Why do you think so?” I asked. I was curious about how she reached this conclusion. “Because you talk a lot about eating right, sattvic food.”
“Food,” I explained, “is a start. Sattvic lifestyle is more than food.”
I am elaborating a little bit about this comment and explaining the context in this blog post. Sattvic lifestyle is more than food. It is based on the thought current of non-violence. By choosing sattvic actions, we choose to implement non-violence in action. In every choice we make, in every action we perform, we can choose to highlight non-violence. Non-violence does not mean non-action. Non-violence does not mean tolerance. Non-violence does not mean confusion. Non-violence does not mean we are powerless and helpless.
True non-violence always blossoms from the depth of our convictions.  It arises from the space of tremendous friendliness, compassion, and powerfulness. All these are the quality of sattva.
In this short video, Sri Nithyananda Swami explains the deeper cognition about non-violence, Ahimsa.
We cause more harm with how we eat and what we eat. For, we link eating to our survival. We believe our survival is at stake if we do not feed our body regularly. We talk a lot about starvation, famine, and hunger. True these are serious issues facing people. These can be resolved with supply of food. But there are other critical issues with food obsession.  We talk much, much less about obesity and depression caused by our violent eating habits. Imagine living in a world where anything that walks, or flies is calculated as meat! Some people say that they have given up eating higher vertebrates, but they still eat fish or worms or bugs. We no longer live in hunter-gatherer society. We have highly developed agriculture. We trade in food grains. We have a whole food market that is built on the thought current that man is superior.  And everything else is somehow below them. And animals are subservient to the human needs.  We are unable to enjoy the sight of free animals. We are seeing them as food. If we eat what the market sells for us, we are feeding the violent thought current. There is no escaping that. One of the easiest ways to buckle that trend is to make our own sattvic food.
When we eat food that has been tested by the ancient sages, we also retain the chance to blossom our consciousness. Our consciousness is the spark of humanness we possess.
Sattvic food will help us to become sensitive to the subtle and deeper layers of violence that suffocate our life. Because our body generates violent thought currents constantly, it also generates plenty of toxins in our body. When we combine this with un healthy food, we invite diseases, aches and pains in our body. Here is a short video about the foods that are listed and allowed for sattvic lifestyle—
There is a blog about this topic. Please read more about foods to help us maintain sattvic diet here.
Food is just one of the doorways to a sattvic lifestyle.
The underlying thought current that supports the food choice is deep friendliness with ourselves and our surroundings. Other aspects of sattvic lifestyle such as ritual worship, maintaining strong body, regulating the physiology and meditation. Cook a simple sattvic meal today! Make Turmeric rice
And Cabbage Subjee
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