Sattvic foods for Navaratri

The days when divine Mother lands on Earth to bless everyone of us, those nine days, are the most auspicious festive days. In the measure of human life, these nine…

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Yogurt Recipe

In sattvic diet, yogurt plays an important role. It is served at the end of every meal. It is always eaten as buttermilk, never as thick yogurt. In this vlog post, I share a traditional yogurt recipe. Enjoy!

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New Book introducing Hindu Temple

It is a blessing to be raised in a #family, and in a #tradition that turns for #divine guidance and intervention in trying times. When we are tested, we need…

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Sattvic Food Routine

During the online cooking session, my friend asked me, “Give me some examples of sattvic food routine.” A typical sattvic diet begins with detox regime. Choose any one of the…

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