No-Cook Cookbook: It works!

Food means different things to different people. For my grandma, food was medicine. She said,

“A good cook needs no medicine.”

What she meant was, a vigilant mother cooked for the health of the family. If a child is having sore throat, she would cook up foods with ginger and pepper. The food would not only support the recovery of the child, but it would also provide immunity for the whole family. In this instance, food is both a medicine and a meal.
However, my grandmother and my mother had several hours in their hands to do the things they wanted to.  They did not work outside of home. Although they too faced several challenges, they never left their home to work.
For all of us going through our day, our jobs, cooking everyday is another chore. Sometimes we run out of ideas. Sometimes, we have no energy. Sometimes, we want the easy way out and buy food from outside. But, most of the time, we are prepared to dedicate a small time for cooking. May be 10 to 20 minutes per day.
Living Sattva cookbook series is written for busy people of all ages. Beginning July, new books will be released periodically. Each book in the series will have 20 recipes. They are created with busy people in mind. Almost all of the ingredients will be available in the local Indian/ Asian/ Oriental store or in your local superstore. If not, you can always order them online.
The first book in the series is a no-cook vegan cookbook. I am excited to share the book cover with you all!

Note the contradiction: No-cook cooking and you get a cookbook for that!?

Confused are you? So were my friends when they read the book title for the first time. This book contains recipes that you can easily assemble in 10-minutes or less. You can give the recipes for your kids to make. Even seniors with limited mobility can make the recipes from this book.
And, the book has more than the usual salads. You can make healthy appetizers, filling main dish, side dish, dessert and smoothies with the recipes from this book. Every recipe has been kitchen tested and shared with you!
Experts advice that eating uncooked food is healthy. Uncooked food has some ingredients that is otherwise lost by cooking.  Raw foods are also rich in antioxidants. In the video below the Ayurvedic perspective of what is required for healthy digestion and how we can include those kinds of food in our daily life.
Uncooked food also helps in weight control. When children eat raw food from an young age, it helps in control of obesity.  Eating uncooked foods also tunes our internal organs to function at their optimal capacity. Uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts provide all nutrients necessary for balanced health.
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