Organic and Sattvic: Not Really the Same

Today, more and more people are eating organic food. The concept of organic food is of interest to everyone. The ideals of organic food appeals to most people because of its inclusive nature.
Here is a short introduction to the concepts behind organic food:

A friend asked me this question: “Are all organic foods considered Sattvic?”

The term “Organic” is a huge umbrella that applies to a wide range of sustainable farming practice. Organic is a certification of practice. These are earth-friendly, life-positive biologically balancing farming practices that are regulated by the government.
See the benefits of organic food below.

The term “Sattvic” refers to a quality that is inherent in the food we eat. It includes the way food is grown, procured, prepared, and eaten. Sattvic foods are light on your body. We don’t feel ‘heavy’ after eating sattvic food. Sattvic food doesn’t make us emotional. They bring harmony in our system and bring clarity in our thoughts and perception.
Here is a short guide to sattvic foods:

Let us eat sattvic every time and vote for our enlightenment!