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A #friend who regularly detoxes asked, ‘Are there sattvic detox methods? If yes, how safe are they?”

Yes! There are numerous sattvic #routines available for detox. This blog post helps you understand how toxins are created in our bodies in the first place and the effects of #toxins on our bodies. #Weightloss is one of the side effects of detoxing. The process of detoxing removes chemicals and pollutants, such as industrial #chemicals, #pesticides, and heavy metals from the body. Detox routine flushes the body and #cleanses the #liver, #intestine, and other organs. Cells get cleaned in the process.

There are other reasons for deciding a detox is overdue. When allergies overload a system, it is time to clear the system of toxins.  Digestive issues such as #bloating, poor digestion, gas, acidity is another reason to detox. Migraines and headaches can also be cured or controlled by regular detox. Fatigue, nausea, acne outbreaks, skin rashes, #hormone imbalances are perfectly good reasons to take up detoxing.

In the sattvic context, the reasons for detox are far deeper and more connected with the ultimate human possibility. Sattvic lifestyle supports the goal to attain the sole purpose of human birth – to #experience and #express divinity.  The human body, which contains both gross and subtle elements, is a physical container for experiencing divinity.  The energy to run this body comes from the fuel called #food.

Aahara [Aa-Hah-Rah], food in #Sanskrit, is more than diet, it is #nourishment. The closer translation for this term or #concept is sustenance. Many things other than food nourish us. We can also experience psychological fulfillment that takes us beyond #hunger. My friend and family had prayed for years for his son to get into medical school with a full scholarship. After two attempts, when the son got into medical school, my friend’s joy was boundless. They threw an impromptu celebration. Nobody from the family could eat a single bite. They were extremely fulfilled and did not need any food from outside to sustain their energy or joy.

Some years ago, we were jamming for a musical presentation. It so happened during the session, based on the input by everyone, a unique #melody flowed with lyrics composed on the spot. After playing it five times and making all the tweaks, everyone was happy with the song. The session resulted in extreme emotional fulfillment for everyone, and nobody felt the need to eat any food after composing for ten hours. There was intense emotional fulfillment that provided the energy to continue with the chores.

 There was a time when a family member lost a baby after six months of pregnancy, despite the parents doing everything they could to keep the baby. In the intense loss, the couple did not experience any need for aahara from outside. Another time, we took a long trek and exhausted ourselves for nearly 10 hours. We did not feel the need for any nourishment from outside, feeling the physiological fulfillment due to the release of the hormones that kept us energetic.

#Hindu scriptures also guide us to explore how humans can also derive fulfillment through our senses- touch, taste, hearing, seeing, and smelling. In the sattvic contexts, the feed from the sense organs is also aahara. Food can come in many forms. All food ingested, digested, that energetically supplies us as a fuel leaves a #toxic residue. Overtime, this toxic residue can cause more harm than good. In sattvic practices, it is widely recognized that even medicines are nothing but poisons ingested in controlled doses.  In other words, every medicine, like the food we eat, also leaves some toxic imprint in our body and system.

Many modern-day detox practices use herbal supplements, laxatives, enemas and eliminate many kinds of foods. Using one chemical to remove another chemical is like replacing one problem with another. Many also involve fasting.

For this reason, sattvic detox practices are simple and safe and can be done at home by people with normal health. Some tips are listed below. Each of the links will open into a blog post or video to further explain the topic. If you see something, if you need more information, please comment below the post and we will answer the questions in future blog posts.

  1. Eat sacred foods everyday
  2. Fast regularly
  3. Go food free for at least 48 hours once every month
  4. Drink only rasam or freshly squeezed #lemonade or #Applejuice for 24-hours every month
  5. Undertake moderate to intense physical activity such as yoga for flexibility and detox daily
  6. Eat Haritaki at night to flush the system
  7. Take neem water in the morning to sustain toxin-free guts
  8. After you have recovered from illness or completed a course of medicines, do oil pulling
  9. Practice puja or mediation daily
  10. When too many things are happening in life, simplify life to basics and become stress-free
  11. Get plenty of rest and find people to talk to when things get tough

Choose any three of the sattvic practices and it will help you to build long term immunity and detox your body.

Sattvic detox methods use plant-based products and are generally free of industrial chemicals. They are meant to be followed using a calendar, not in a binge-clean routine. Over doing a detox technique or frequently using chemicals to detox is harmful to the body. Balancing food and fast with moderate exercise routine and keeping to sattvic diet will bring down the toxicity greatly.

Stay safe and #Eat #Sattvic every chance you get!

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