Sattvic Food Routine

During the online cooking session, my friend asked me, “Give me some examples of sattvic food routine.”

A typical sattvic diet begins with detox regime. Choose any one of the three regimes or rotate the regimes every 21 days. Do not try all of them simultaneously.

  1. Routine 1: In empty #stomach. One cup warm water, steep 1 teaspoon #neem leaf powder. Filter and drink immediately. Yes, it will be bitter, but cleanses the #intestine of parasites and toxins.
  2. Routine 2: In #empty stomach, take as much as organic #castor #oil as your system can handle. Start with ¼ teaspoon and go all the way to one teaspoon. This cleans the entire intestine of any remnant of undigested food. If you cannot stand the tasteless and waxy texture of castor oil, add one teaspoon castor oil to a piece of banana and eat it.
  3. Routine 3: In empty stomach, drink a tea made of one cup warm water, one teaspoon turmeric, one teaspoon honey, and one tablespoon lemon or lime juice.

Combined with morning yoga routine, this detox sets your day for a sattvic routine that is not centered on food. Breakfast is something light such as idli or dosa, pancake,  or bulgur wheat upma, upma. Make rasam drink. The idea of sattvic food is to provide body with small amount of food, as the body needs, completely digest it, experience hunger before eating the next round. About 4-6 hours after the breakfast, a short lunch consisting of salad, rice, lentils, ghee, cooked vegetable, and end with yogurt. Here is a sample sattvic lunch menu:

Sattvic lunch- Puri and saagu featured

About 4 to 6 hours after lunch, a light #dinner, usually #roti and banana or other #fruits. Minimize food intake at night. Walk for 30 to 45 minutes after dinner.  If you are not hungry, take some fluids such as chai, golden milk

Prepare your body for detox at night: 1 teaspoon of Haritaki in water.

Most sattvic food has a balance of #protein, #fat, #fiber, and carbohydrate.  As we stay hydrated more and #detox, we can see the difference in the amount of #food we eat, the type of food we eat, and our own energy levels.

Eating food based on calorie recommendation is not necessarily required for everyone. It does not mean people on sattvic diet starve or get their required nutrition. Sattvic way of eating is not an impossible dream. It is gentler on the body, quicker to digest. Sattvic food supports a normal life, avoids accumulation of toxins, and healthy body weight goals.  

Eat sattvic food for #conscious growth.

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