Turmeric: A Healing Spice

Growing up, I saw turmeric used for numerous purposes around the home.

We used it to drive away ants and other insects. We used it as beauty aid. Our kumkum, the red dot between our eyebrows, was made with turmeric.
We ate turmeric when we were sick. We ate turmeric when we celebrated. Our thanksgiving, Pongal, festival was incomplete without live turmeric plant. We offered turmeric in worship. We gave turmeric to ladies when they visited the home. I cannot recall a time when turmeric was not a part of my life.
As a child, my fascinating memories and science learning moments were when I used turmeric. I grated the dried stick on a stone and rubbed it all over my face! And then, I washed the white petticoat over it with  a bar of detergent. The petticoat would go from white to yellow to red to an awkward white when I washed off the soap. Gratefully the sun would fade the yellow. And I would continue with the experiment the next day.
Recently, when my friend told me that she was taking curcumin tablets, I was fascinated. I had no idea that doctors would prescribe them! My research led me to several studies on turmeric I have summarized below. I hope this encourages you to start using turmeric more frequently. This is a small change that can have big impact! Try it!