Cultivating Joy: Focus on Sattvic Lifestyle

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Daily rituals that bring eternal joy are foundations to Sattvic lifestyle. Sattvic lifestyle or conscious living supports intentional living. These intentions are set into action through a series of daily rituals. The rhythm of a sattvic lifestyle is guided by principles of active participation in life to create an authentic you. The side effects of active participation in life bring abundance, deep connection, and constant expansion.

Modern living is filled with stresses caused by constant communication, anxiety, and a fear of losing out the moment of action. Life has become a series of outward actions that demand so much attention and engagement from us to maintain status or presence. Over time, we know this leads to frustration, emotional drain, and erosion of connection to our roots. When an alternative such as sattvic lifestyle is presented, we seek proof that showcases the benefits of the sattvic lifestyle.

People following a sattvic lifestyle are extraordinarily active and tend to have higher life engagement. Adopting a sattvic lifestyle allows one to live with minimal depression, laziness, and procrastination. It also provides life to be a constant celebration by following the traditional Hindu calendar. Living Sattva presents profiles of people who have lived or adopted a sattvic lifestyle. For people who have lived a sattvic lifestyle, it is impressive to see how they continue to live a healthy life without the need for medication while staying alert, active, and energetic.

Living Sattva is proud to profile is Ma Sharada Hariharan as the inaugural member of this series- Sattvic Legends. Born and raised in the Sattvic lifestyle, Ma Sharada has been used sattva as her base to engage with life for 90+ years. Today, she continues to be independent, alert, and agile in her daily routine. In her interactions, she is encouraging to the youngsters, providing them with clarity in thoughts, and uplifting in her actions. One of the first traits one can notice about her is her caring attitude towards everyone she meets. The gentle, caring, smiling face without a hint of discomfort, tiredness, or frustration shows her deep sattvic roots by positively engaging with life and guests as they show up.

Having lived a sattvic lifestyle, she embodies more action and less reaction. She is not absent-minded or forgetful. She is not too busy to be in touch with her siblings, children, and relatives regularly. Through her selfless service, her engagement extends to people who are not directly related to her. Her service to everyone who reaches her doorstep and constantly expanding herself in this manner.

One aspect of a sattvic lifestyle is encouraging the person to feel free to continuously grow. When the brain is uncluttered and free from disease, there is so much room for pursuing higher purposes in life. It is thrilling to encounter senior citizens who are still learning new things or exploring more profound aspects of something that fascinates them. Ma Sharada’s routine permits her to read, write, learn new songs or chants.

Ma Sharada’s daily routine includes waking up at around 5 am Bramhamuhurta time. She starts her day with meditation and yoga/ pranayama. Morning preparations lead to her into her Puja routine. After light breakfast and writing Sri Rama namasmaran, Ma Sharada, chats up with her siblings, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. After a short nap, she is ready for the afternoon routine, which includes watching a 30- minute television serial, and help in chopping vegetables for lunch. After lunch, Ma Sharada helps in cleaning vessels and takes a nap. It is soon time for her evening routine, to check messages. After lighting the evening lamp at dusk, Ma Sharada offers chanting at the altar. She relaxes by watching television for 30 minutes reading a magazine until it is time for dinner. After a light dinner with buttermilk rice, it is time for some walking and relaxing. If there are children, it is time to tell them stories and discuss with adults what needs to be done the next day.

Here is a short video of Ma Sharada’s daily routine

Sattvic lifestyle serves to uplift, inspire, and continually serve on the path of awakening with higher dimensions. Ma Sharada’s sattvic lifestyle anchors her in her daily life, enabling her to create and live the life she wants. If you are looking for inspiration, take a step now towards living a life of expansion, joy, and inspiration!

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