Turmeric for Pets

Turmeric for Pets

A friend asked me if it is safe to give turmeric to her cat and dog. The cat has joint pain, and the dog seems to be developing autoimmune disease. Yes! Absolutely. It is safe to give turmeric to the pets. You can apply the golden paste to the wounds, or add it to their milk. You can also make this wonder paste and use it for your pets.

Like their humans, even pets require many medicines. They too suffer from many diseases at their old age or are born with special needs. Pets too suffer from indigestion and some pets have mood swings too. Turmeric can help to heal many of these problems without expensive pharmaceutical medication and the side effects they come with. Turmeric is shown to be effective in controlling and in some cases reversing the diseases.

Scientific studies have shown that turmeric performs on par with anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy, steroids, arthritic drugs and inflammatory bowel disease drugs. More than 5000 studies show that the active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin, gives the drug its superpower.


Many pets are on steroid medication for joint pain or allergies. Giving turmeric is a good way to avoid the side effects of steroid medicines. Turmeric is non toxic and has no known side effects. A multi site study found that curcumin was more efficient in relieving stiffness and inflammation in people with arthritis.

Here are some recipes from Living Sattva series that you can make for your self and feed your pets too.


For cats, you can make golden milk for them to lap it up. More about golden milk in another post soon.

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