Expanding with Art Meditation: Overcome creative blockages

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If you are like me, when you hear the word meditation, you will visualize sages- those older adults with flowing silver beards, sitting together in the forest for years. In the middle of your hectic life, even a moment of stillness sounds good to you. When you sit down to meditate, you are besieged by worries, sleep, or tiredness.

Many creative options open when you relax from the idea that there is only one way to meditate. This art meditation course is one such option. This meditation will help you experience, among other things, that there is more to meditation than sitting and much more to art than drawing. You will realize that the purpose of art meditation is to help you attain a state of ‘flow’ of consciousness that will effortlessly help you unlock the deeper creative spaces in your brain.


Brain and art

If you recall your childhood, you will remember being good at almost everything. In youth, much of what you did was play–singing, drawing, dancing– all of which are natural forms of art. These art activities are unique because they can engage all your senses and wire your brain for successful learning. That is why art-related activities play an essential role in human beings’ growth and development of cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor paths.

Art, and all its expressions, is an essential feature of human societies because it unifies people and conveys history, ideas, emotions, esthetics, and cultural norms. Functional neuroimaging on human brains points to greater left-hemisphere involvement in creativity. Where the original thoughts in the artwork arise is a complex question for scientists. The likely answer is that both cerebral hemispheres are functional in exceptional creativity, but each hemisphere contributes a different facet to the creative process. For the mediators, it is simply a stream of consciousness.

What is Art Meditation?

Art meditation is a form of mindfulness meditation that uses the energy of the creative artwork to shape an object from your focus. Unlike other forms of meditation, art meditation does not require years of practice or intense concentration. Anyone can do it; you don’t need special equipment or training. All you need is a piece of paper and some time to create art successfully and meditate simultaneously.

Why is Art Meditation Effective? 

Since you are writing and creating the art in the flow, your entire brain will be active. Although in the beginning, the art of meditation works by stimulating the creative side of your brain, it connects all areas of your brain as you learn more. Your brain synapses continue to boost long after you have stopped the activity. When you look at a piece of art or see something that catches your eye, your brain generates new ideas and connections.

These connections and interconnections in the brain form different simulations. Therefore, the whole brain activity boosts your creativity and can help you develop fresh ideas for projects, solve problems more effectively, and even think outside the box for solutions.

In addition to stimulating creativity, art meditation also has several other benefits. For example, it can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; improve sleep quality; increase focus and concentration and reduce negative thinking.

How does Art Meditation Work?

Creativity can be hard on a blank piece of paper. The pressure of creating something worthwhile on a blank piece of paper is the first anxiety many creators experience. The art-based writing method starts with a sacred sound to ensure the flow and energy vibration help you complete the creative journey.

You can create new possibilities, overcome challenges, or situations using creative solutions. Creative solutions and creativity are not limited to art. An engineer, a home maker, a rocket scientist, a medical doctor, and gardener can also be creative in their thinking. Creative activities can be intense and can lead to new unexplored areas. Novel and unknown situations can reveal about yourself, and you can discover the depth of what you can produce.

To start the art-based meditation, you must find a comfortable, quiet place to sit down where you won’t be disturbed for the next hour. First, sit with your back straight. Then, after a brief meditation, you focus on the art you will be creating. After that, you can concentrate on drawing, writing, or meditating in the ambiance—anything that suits your mood and captures your attention.

Once you have chosen your piece of art, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to see it. Don’t just look at it; see it. Let your eyes move slowly over every detail. Observe the colors, shapes, and textures. Notice what emotions it evokes in you. And don’t forget to breathe!

If your mind wanders, that’s okay—gently bring your attention back to the artwork. After a few minutes, slowly blink and rub your eyes if they feel strained. Then take another deep breath and slowly get up from your seat.

Join us today for a creative breakthrough, a new beginning, or to enjoy the process of consciousness-based creation.

Where: Online

When: Dec 15, 2022- Jan 13, 2023

Cost: $147.99 per participant

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