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In recent times, under the assault of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vegetarian lifestyle has come into focus and scrutiny. Vegetarians, a study was rumored to have reported, have less chance of being infected by the COVID-19 virus. But, as World Health Organization clarified, vegetarian diets do not prevent Coronavirus. 

A diet rich in easily digested food is key to healthy and conscious living.Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons

However, to slow #climatechange and prevent the next global environmental crisis, a plant-based diet wins hand down. The plant-based diet is also the best Eco-friendly food we know today. Sattvic, plant-based provides a flex option. While the diet drops the use of animal products to a minimum, it allows for the addition of #ghee, #yogurt, and #buttermilk, and #milk with specific rules.

There are plenty of Hindu scriptural references in support of the sattvic diet, a sample of which are provided below- 

The purity of diet purifies the antahkaran. A purified Antahkarana stabilizes the mind, which aids meditation, and after mastering meditation, the baser instincts are instantly eradicated. (Chhandogya Upanishad, 7/62/2) 

 You must not use your God-given boy for killing God’s creatures, whether they are human, animal, or whatever. (Yajur Veda 12.32)

By not killing any living being, one becomes fit for salvation. (Manusmriti 6.60)

Sattvic cooking starts as an expression of #gratitude and #celebration of the #abundance of life. For creating a genuinely sattvic #meal, the ingredients must be organic, seasonal, sustainably harvested, and grown locally. The harvested vegetables, fruits, or herbs are usually consumed the same day. At its root, the sattvic lifestyle takes one close to the Earth and seasons. Sattvic food is lightly cooked with few stimulating spices. 

A plant-based diet is best for preserving a #healthy #planet. Scientific reports from the last decade showed that vegetarian diets contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions than meat-heavy diets. 

How can he practice true compassion, who eats the flesh of an animal to fatten his flesh?” Tirukural.

The basis of sattvic food is two-fold: first, create no pain or suffering. Second, eliminating accumulation of any muscle #memory that has fear and pain patterns that transfers #karma. In modern words, #toxins accumulate in the body when we eat #meat. The accumulated toxins cause severe #inflammation and #pain. Some toxins are also accumulated due to our mental thought patterns. As a result, some people experience #depression or systemic breakdown leading to #diseases. 

There is a third reason to know more about sattvic diet and lifestyle. Although the lifestyle and diet seems to be restrictive, it helps our conscious expansion. Vegetarian diet is not about eating salads. Vegetarians can eat tasty, diverse kinds foods that provide nourishment to your body and soul. Your body and mind need to be in tandem and powerful to support your conscious mindset. Staying in a conscious mindset means developing, anchoring one in self love, self healing, and making those choices. It rises you to be in the space of #powerfulness. It is a #choice. The conscious mindset needs constant watchful nurturing. If you are already a #vegetarian, #vegan, or follow the sattvic diet, Living Sattva has offer many resources to continue to support you. Visit our Youtube channel and Pintrest accounts for more resources. We also started a new TikTok account. The #newsletter is an additional offering.

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