Sattvic Activities for the Family and You!

Sattvic activities to try

Readers of Sattva Tattva #blog have asked for tips and sattvic #activities for the #family at this time of self-quarantine. Some have asked for activities for the family with kids. Others have asked what they can do with their teenagers and their children to keep active. The idea behind these requests is to learn some sattvic activity or skill that they can use in their daily life.

A sattvic lifestyle is an active participatory lifestyle. That means you naturally restrict the amount of time you sit down or participate in passive activities such as watching television or chatting on the phone. All sattvic activities are intensely #active, even if it does not seem to be so.

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Here are a dozen activities to try.

  • Share some food
  • Share foods rich in turmeric with a senior citizen you know
  • Make dry foods you can store for later use
  • Create a care package for troops
  • Donate food to the food bank
  • Make gift soup mix packets for friends and family
  • Play together
  • Chowkabara
  • Hopscotch
  • Play guessing game with sacred objects
  • Memory games
  • Math games
  • Practice yoga
  • Take time to practice authentic forms of Yoga
  • Try yoga at different times of the day
  • Read about deeper connections of Yoga
  • Practice challenging yoga poses
  • Do pranayama
  • Learn new skills
  • Expand on existing skills
  • Learn to make flower garlands without needle
  • Create a floating flower offering
  • Make your own jewelry
  • Learn to stitch
  • Set up new routines
  • Set aside evening or morning times for daily spiritual rituals
  • Make dance a part of your routine
  • Wash the doorstep and decorate it
  • Include fasting in your meal plan
  • Become self-reliant
  • Do something new
  • Try wearing different styles of sari/ dothi
  • Wear different traditional clothes
  • Start new celebrations
  • Choose a new habit
  • Help a stranger
  • Set long-term goals and intentions
  • Clean clutter
  • Create sharing routines
  • Know your ‘Not-me’ list
  • Write down the long-term achievements you envision
  • Revisit and revise the list frequently
  • Build your support team
  • Self-identify areas you want to grow in
  • Journal your self-doubts and release them
  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Embrace activities you need more time to develop competence
  • Go back to your roots to build a support team

Share pictures and your experiences of trying out some of these activities. You can enjoy everyone of these alone or with your family. Stay safe!

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