Is Instant Food Sattvic?

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During a conversation this week, my friend asked me a question: Is instant, ready-to-eat food sattvic? Since this requires a long answer, I am sharing it as a blog post to help other people who follow sattvic diet.

There are many types of instant food. Not all of them are the same.

When you are on liquid diet, water, juice, buttermilk is all your food. These are instant food. If you are drinking water with some lime juice or steeped cucumber slices, you are following sattvic diet. If your juice is freshly squeezed or plain apple juice, then your drink is sattvic. You can make fresh lemonade or orange juice. Ready made juices contain lot of sugar and other chemical additives. They are not sattvic. However, if you are traveling, or in an emergency, you might consider taking some juice that is not derived from concentrate and does not have added sugars.

Fruits are instant food too. Organic, seasonal, locally grown fruits are best. In the western world, it is not possible to get local fruits all through the year. In that case, it is best to choose fruits with plenty of moisture such as watermelon or honey dew. They have plenty of water and fiber. Over ripe fruits are high in sugar and are best cooked. Because fruits are acidic, fruits are best eaten before a meal or at the beginning of a meal.

Many vegetables can be consumed for instant food. Cucumber, bell pepper, cabbage, carrot, radish, cilantro, spring salad, or other salad mixes can also be consumed as instant food. Some raw vegetables can cause inflammation in the gut. It is best to eat small servings until the stomach and intestine can handle large amounts of the veggies.

Soaked beans such as moong beans, garbanzo beans, and boiled edamame beans can also be used as instant food. They boost energy and provide protein fuel that burns more slowly. They can also be sprouted and included in salads or made into dips.

Nuts are another sattvic source of instant food. Rich in #protein, healthy fatty acids. and amino acids, nuts are healthy instant foods. Salted, roasted, boiled, or toasted are all great ways to eat nuts. Some nuts are best processed, and not eaten raw. Nuts are slow to digest. Taking small portions of nuts are best for healthy diet.  If you are allergic to nuts, you can use seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or snacks made with sesame seeds.

All the above choices are sattvic. Instant packaged food, the kind that needs to be frozen or microwaved or cooked is not sattvic. It is best to avoid instant foods from the freezer isle in your grocery store.

These days, even if you are travelling, it is easier to find instant food. Even at times of grocery shortage and long lines in the store, it is possible to find instant sattvic food. You will lose weight, feel fuller and healthier.

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