Is Sattvic Food Tasty?

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Sattvic Food is tasty and supports your conscious growth

A reader asked me this question: You make sattvic food without good things like onion or garlic or even fantastic spices like green chilies. There are also some vegetables one cannot eat, for example, mushrooms. So, given all those restrictions, I wonder if sattvic food is tasty. It surely cannot be tasty with so many dietary restrictions.

               Thank you for asking this question. Many people are often put off by the ‘limitations’ of the sattvic diet. Let me explain this with an analogy. When you are on a diet or trying to lose weight, you might choose to avoid all fats, sugars, and carbohydrates. You might also forgo deep-fried salty potato chips or baked goods or even sugary pop. Your diet could include a lot more or exclusively be made of vegetables, cooked or raw. You forgo these delicious tastes because you have a purpose or goal, and you have determined these foods cause you to pack pounds our hips, or tummy, or wherever.

               The foods you have selected serve a different purpose. If you loved to eat cakes before, you might look for #alternatives that fit your current diet restrictions. You might satisfy your sweet cravings with a carrot and #raisin salad. The cake and #carrot #salad do not taste the same. However, they both serve a function, fulfilling a craving, in this instance.

               Sattvic food serves the specific purpose of conscious #expansion. All ingredients used in sattvic cooking #detox the body when toxic substances are produced as a byproduct of metabolism, nourish, and repair the body. The focus of sattvic food is to fuel the body to enable conscious expansion. In the spiritual equation, food as matter feeds the body matter to support holding energies until it becomes a living cage that can hold expanding consciousness. Sattvic food is safe for people of all ages and genders. This blog post details more about the effects of sattvic food. Find out more about the actions of sattvic food in this blog post.

               That being clarified, sattvic food can be tasty and flavorful, as explained in this blog post. This blog post explains the sattvic vegetables used in cooking. #Spices used in sattvic food or cooking are carefully selected to support the goal of #expansion of consciousness. Spices that excite the senses heighten aspects of metabolism, and the stomach is not used in sattvic cooking. Read more about this topic in this blog post.

               Here is a blog post detailing how to stock the sattvic kitchen. The difference between Ayurvedic cooking and sattvic cooking is discussed in this blog post. Sattvic food is different from organic food, as outlined in this blog post. Cook using sattvic vegetables as detailed in this blog post.

               One of the significant advantages of sattvic cooking or cuisine is the opportunity to taste the vegetables in their purest form. Every plant has its specific and unique taste. #Bitter melons, #sweet potato, #cilantro, #dill, and #jalapenos have their signature tastes. Biologically #active #molecules are responsible for #individual tastes. Many biologically active compounds also have #healing properties. In gently cooking the vegetables, you can enhance the healing effects to your benefit. Lightly cooked vegetables also bring out their flavor and creating a rich, complex taste of the food.

               Here are some tasty, flavorful sattvic recipes to try: Saung, lemon rice, potato in tamarind gravy, and Apple Thokku.

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