Navaratri: Celebrate Divine Feminine Energy

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The entire cosmos is said to be soaked in the divine feminine consciousness.

A shloka from the Holy scripture Devi Mahatyam states:

या देवी सर्वभुतेषु विष्णुमायेति शब्दिता ।

Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Vishnu Mayyeti Shabditah

To that Devi Who in All Beings is Called Vishnumaya,

The shakti or the energy causes constant conscious expansion. That is why the scriptures say the cosmos is constantly expanding.

Mother comes in various forms and serves all our needs. The Divine Mother is most compassionate and available to all of us during the auspicious Mahanavaratri.

Living Sattva’s newest offering is to celebrate the Divine Mother during the most auspicious period. Navararti is not a single celebration. It is a series of celebrations that starts with a 15-day preparatory period during Pitrupaksha.

Your Full Guide for an Amazing Navaratri Experience
Experience Divine Mother in all her glory!

During this period, we intensely complete with all our ancestors and any friends and family who have passed on. Often, we still hold in-completions or anger against people who have passed on. This situation does not bring any completion for us. When we release these ‘knots,’ a big surge of energy opens in us and we can accomplish things that seemed impossible before.

All obstacles are energy knots in our system.

When you set the intention to complete, the knot is released, and you begin to expand.

The next intense period of celebrations for #Navaratri is the celebration for 9 days. Mother is worshiped as 3-devis in these days. The 10th day ends in victory celebrations. Know how to celebrate Mother Divine in the inner world and the outer world. Plan every detail of your celebrations. The book gives you step by step direction. With plenty of space to write and plan.

If you want divine #knowledge from Divine Mother, continue with your celebrations until the full moon. Intense seekers will continue spiritual practices and celebrations until Deepavali. At this time, we would have celebrated more than 60-days of oneness with Divine mother! The divine mother in all her grace will eternally be connected to us. The entire celebration will cause immense transformation and provide you with the depth of experience in your lifetime.

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