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One of the readers of the blog post asked me a question:

Is it possible to make instant sattvic meals? I hope this is yes. And share some recipes with me.

One winter I visited my Aunt’s home, located in my grandmother’s village. My aunt led me to her backyard vegetable garden and asked me to pick up any vegetables I wanted. There was pumpkin, okra, eggplant, snake gourd, radish, beans, jalapenos, and spinach.  I picked out few of everything except jalapenos, washed and chopped them. My aunt had started the stove with firewood.

As I watched in fascination my aunt chopped up the vegetables using a traditional chopper, placed a large iron wok and added oil, mustard seeds, red chili pieces and tossed in the eggplants. She sprinkled turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, some tomatoes, and scraped coconut. As we chatted, she got dal and few more vegetables ready for my meal. That was the very first time that someone prepared an instant sattvic meal for me.

All Sattvic meals are made from fresh, organic ingredients. The best sattvic meals are prepared and consumed with in three-hours of preparation. Eating the warm meal with ghee is the best way to eat sattvic meal. But I guess the type of instant meal my reader was envisioning. The modern convenience-based packages, with food-like products with no vegetables, filled with chemicals, and high in salt or fats. If that is the type of food, you are looking for in sattvic diet you will not find it. All sattvic foods I share are made with fresh ingredients.

Here are some instant sattvic recipes you can try.

  1. This filling Adai dosai is made with protein. This is a great way to add more protein to your system.

2. Make use of fresh apples in for this recipe.

3. This traditional recipe offers good food with minimal fuss.

There are more than one hundred recipes for Living Sattva/ If you want to learn cooking or other details about Sattvic food, feel free to email me.

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