The Power of Healing Books

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Everyone needs healing at some level. An athlete needs healing for the aching muscles. A child needs healing for the aching bones during growth spurts. A grandmother who lives alone needs healing for her loneliness.

You may need healing to cure a physical ache or to fulfill a #psychological need. You may need healing when you have pushed or exerted yourself physically. You need healing when you feel overwhelmed at the speed of events happening in your life or around you. You need healing to feel stronger, supported, and experience that there is someone, something, somewhere listening to you. You need healing to attend to yourself. Healing is needed when you want to be alone. And aloneness is sometimes the best way to heal.


Your body may be perfectly medically fit. That does not mean you are completely healthy. In the Agamas, the ancient Hindu texts, it is said that every human being should have experienced some degree of self-healing. This means you need to find things that inspire you and resonate with the calm depth that is inside you. In practical life, this means, when things are not going your way or you feel low, you must be able to reach this depth to get the understanding and clarity to heal and awaken yourself. Your thoughts and process should be clear. When doubts and depression cloud you, they cannot have a grip on you because you have mastered self-healing. And self-healing leads you to apply the clarity you have discovered and bring yourself out of depression.

Healing books

When you are in a low mood, depressed, frustrated, stressed, or anxious, you need to find ways to distract your mind and give it alternate energies. The healing book is one such medium to transmit peaceful energy. The elements in the healing books are based on natural elements. And nature is the store house of natural healing energy.

The plants and animals featured in the series are sacred. #Sacred plants and sacred objects have been infused with conscious energy by the meditations and #blessings of generations of sages. The sacred plants and objects have also been held in high regard and worshiped by hundreds of #generations of humans. As such they represent the divine in the general psyche of the people. 

The series of books are infused with healing energy and thus called Healing Books. They support your #conscious #expansion and your #self-healing #process. They are #wordless instilling the deep silence that is capable of transmitting healing energy by mere sight. Repeated #practice of following the instruction in the book will lead you towards holding a powerful #calm space.

Healing books can also be useful for people with #neurodegenerative #disorders or diseases. The combination of images and healing light provide instant centering and bring deep #calmness to your #body and #mind. It is possible to enter a calm state of mind and center yourself in  that space through the images in the book. 

Healing Energy

#Agamas, the #ancient #Hindu texts which provide the pathways for humans to achieve #Enlightenment, says that to heal you need to find the #deep #silence within you. In that deep silence it is not possible for the two minds or two thoughts to exist. There is only #one.

When you are in that oneness, deep healing starts to happen in you. And you will be able to discover that you are able to heal yourself through the focus on our depth, being completely detached from what is happening around you. It is not to say that you are not #aware. You are more aware of what is happening inside you, the grooves of your brain, the guts, and the capillaries of your hand, as the healing energy penetrates you.

Sharing the Healing Energy

Once the healing energy starts radiating within you, at first you want to let it flow into you and heal every part of you. You think of this as your secret. And probably for the first time in a long time, you might feel #comfortable sitting by and with yourself. It is like discovering that you are your own #bestfriend.

If you like sharing, you must find ways to share it. You want to share it with those around you and those you care about. And even if you do not want to share the healing energy, there is nothing to it. However, others will start noticing the inner healing that will start radiating in other ways. It will show up in your physical well being. You are more relaxed. As you relax, you will also notice improvements in your health. You are more flexible and able to stretch better. You can handle longer distances in your jogging.

 The healing energy will now start radiating in your relationships also. Your friends might lean to you for advice. You might find yourself calm and centered in situations that would have caused you to erupt previously.

Books are your constant companions. In the healing books you will also experience their healing presence. Buy your healing companion copy today!

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