Creation Stories

Human beings have an eternal fascination with #creation. If there is nothing, we create stories to fill up the vacuum. Every human emotion is tied to a story. All searches, even the deep and profound ones, have a story to tell. The ultimate account of a #civilization is the creation story, which details how the people were born and the #purpose for which they were created. Even if the purpose seems tiny in global events’ grand scheme, the story of creation provides an anchoring role.

Om: A Creation Story from the Rig Veda

Om: A Creation Story presents the story of creation from the formless into form, from the undifferentiated into differentiated. The #hymns in #RigVeda record the expansion of the cosmic #creation and sowing of life’s #seed. The entire cosmos, and all the elements- manifest and unmanifest- have the vibration of Om. Thus, all the manifested objects come from Om and are considered as sacred. We, too, are a manifestation of Om. We, also, are #particles of the #universe undergoing a #cosmic #journey. The #picturebook is prepared with colorful illustrations suitable for #children of all #ages. It is currently available on #Kindle edition all over the world. Please consider leaving some reviews if you purchase and read the book. Every feedback helps us develop better books for young readers.

Learn to write Om, the sacred seed letter in many languages

#Om is a #sacred syllable and #symbol for millions of people all over the world. The holy syllables help us get back into equilibrium whenever we have life incidents that trouble us. In ancient India, writing #sacred syllables was considered a form of #meditation, likitha Japa, a sacred activity. This workbook provides the opportunity to learn to write Om in more than 20 languages from around the world. We can #chant #recite #write #sing or incorporate this sacred syllable in all our activities. 

Living Sattva invites everyone on this journey for exploration of the sacred syllable and center it in all their activities. #OmShanthi

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