Beauty Aids from Sattvic Kitchen

When you organize a sattvic kitchen, it simultaneously blossoms into a pharmacy, beauty aid store and gives your food a soulful boost. You can also make your own beauty aids with what is in the kitchen. When you start experimenting with creating beauty aids, you will quickly notice one thing. What you put on your body, you can also put it inside your body! Can we say that about any of the chemical based beauty products available today? The beauty products available in the market are filled with chemicals. An average beauty product, such as soap or scrub, has many cancer-causing chemicals in them. For example, the fragrance in the soap, shampoo and scrub comes from chemicals like Phthalates. These chemicals help to retain the fragrance longer. However, constant exposure to fragrances can impact your central nervous system and trigger allergies, migraine and asthma symptoms. Many places are labelled as fragrance free. The beauty of the soap lies in its lather. The fascinating bubbles enamor everyone. The bubbles and lather are enabled by sulfates such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth suflate). The bubbles also remove all the natural oils from the skin. This increases the penetration of any substance you apply on the skin. Another class of products called Parabens are used in beauty and body care products. Parabens prevents bacterial growth and preserves the product. When you use products with Parabens, your body absorbs it. Once in the blood stream the body mistakes it for estrogen. As you can image the effect of this is drastic. Your reproductive cycle can be altered, effected or harmed, the effect is the same for men and women. One of the functions of estrogen is to burn fat deposits. When the estrogen cycle is disrupted, fat deposits in our body increase. Many of us use soap because it is antibacterial. The antibacterial property in the soap is given by a chemical called Triclosan. Application of this product creates dioxin, a cancer-causing chemical that has been found in agent orange! We use so many chemicals now that it has become virtually impossible to shield the next generation from the harmful side effects. For example, studies have shown that human breast milk is high in dioxin. Watch this video to learn more about safe make-up.
If you are wondering how a sattvic kitchen help you in this context, read on. First, a sattvic kitchen has two of the most powerful natural ingredients in the cosmos- Turmeric and Haritaki. Both help in detox. Turmeric can be taken internally or applied externally. Haritaki works best internally. This video explains how to use turmeric as detox.
The healing properties of Haritaki is explained in this video.
Here is a face mask recipe for you to try—
Turmeric face mask
Turmeric face mask you can make at home
Men, women, and children can safely use this mask. If kids eat the face mask by accident, no harm will come to them. The mask can be used daily with no side effects. It is especially efficient when you have insect bites or itchy dry skin. If you like this recipe and want more recipes like this, please comment below. More beauty aids from sattvic kitchen will follow. Please subscribe to the blog for more tips. Thank you!

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