Yogurt Recipe

In sattvic diet, yogurt plays an important role. It is served at the end of every meal. It is always eaten as buttermilk, never as thick yogurt. In this vlog post, I share a traditional yogurt recipe. Enjoy!

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Milk & Milk Products in Sattvic Diet

Milk and milk products such as ghee play an important role in Sattvic diet. In India, cows are milked everyday and fresh milk is used throughout the day. In some homes cows are milked twice a day by hand. The energy of a cow raised lovingly and milked with tremendous patience is highly sattvic.

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Celebrate Life!

The Sattvic Method is life positive. Celebrating life is one of the purposes of the sattvic method. In this video you will learn more about celebrating life!

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Celebrate You!

You get busy in your life and you forget your life is all about you. This vlog post talks about how to celebrate yourself! Sattvic Method emphasizes celebrations and gratitude.

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Celebrate Your Possibility

Your life is filled with possibilities. We choose at every turn. This vlog post briefly shares how you can celebrate your possibilities in the sattvic method.

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Celebrate what you have

Let us celebrate what we have. Our thankfulness and celebrations result in gratitude. This video provides a perspective on celebrating what you already have.

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Celebrate what you don’t have

Everyone knows about celebrating what we already have. The Sattvic Method asks us to celebrate what we don’t have also! Watch this video to learn more about this method.

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Why Celebrate?

The Sattvic Method comes from an ancient tradition that includes plenty of celebrations. The celebrations are the core of life and they form a way to expand and appreciate our life. Learn more about celebrations and the importance of the Sattvic Method.

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Bitter Foods pack a punch

Bitter Foods have many benefits such as detoxing your body, balancing your microbiome, increasing your appetite, and helps to control bloating. They also help to control inflammation in the body! Join our Sattvic Method challenge to learn more about the benefits of bitter foods.

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Youthfulness Formula

Simple sattvic methods and routines will help you to glow from within! Learn the secret youthfulness formula in this video. This video will give a brief understanding and secrets of feeling youthful and energized. Join our Sattvic Method challenge to discover more.

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