Ginger Tea

Make fresh ginger tea! You can make this tea in summer or winter or anytime you experience discomfort in your intestine or stomach. Join our free weekly newsletter to get more ideas and free resources.

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Ginger Recipes

There are multiple ways to use ginger in the Sattvic Method. You can use it as a dessert or slip it in your tea. In this video, you will learn numerous ginger recipes. Jot down the recipes and enjoy them. Learn more about spices and sattvic cooking by joining our classes. Subscribe to our free newsletter to learn more.

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Ghee is the hallmark of traditional sattvic cooking. It represents the culmination of all the efforts from rising a cow to offering the ghee. It is the most auspicious product in worship, ritual, and cooking.

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Why Celebrate?

The Sattvic Method comes from an ancient tradition that includes plenty of celebrations. The celebrations are the core of life and they form a way to expand and appreciate our life. Learn more about celebrations and the importance of the Sattvic Method.

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Youthfulness Formula

Simple sattvic methods and routines will help you to glow from within! Learn the secret youthfulness formula in this video. This video will give a brief understanding and secrets of feeling youthful and energized. Join our Sattvic Method challenge to discover more.

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Eat Bitter Veggies during seasonal changes

In the Sattvic Method, we eat bitter vegetables during seasonal changes. Many people view bitter veggies as unpalatable, but they're crucial for your health during seasonal changes. Bitter foods help to boost your microbiome and cleanse your colon, keeping you healthy and immune during the colder months. Watch this video to learn more.

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Molasses is a sweet syrup that is separated from sugar during the refining process, when sugar is produced from sugar cane. It's often used for cooking and baking, but also as a health tonic because it contains iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals.

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Types of Sugars

More than 10 different kinds of sugar are available in the market today. Not all of them are created equal.This video provides you with more information regarding the types of sugars. Sattvic method provides you with tools and recipes to eat without additional sugar.

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