Ginger Tea

Make fresh ginger tea! You can make this tea in summer or winter or anytime you experience discomfort in your intestine or stomach. Join our free weekly newsletter to get more ideas and free resources.

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Ginger Salad Dressing Recipe

When you eat ginger with raw vegetables, it helps in digestion without bloating. In this video, you will get a quick recipe that you can make in a jiffy. No preparation necessary! Post your variations below and let us know your favorite version of ginger salad dressing.

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Ginger Recipes

There are multiple ways to use ginger in the Sattvic Method. You can use it as a dessert or slip it in your tea. In this video, you will learn numerous ginger recipes. Jot down the recipes and enjoy them. Learn more about spices and sattvic cooking by joining our classes. Subscribe to our free newsletter to learn more.

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Active biomolecules in Ginger

Anyone who has tasted raw ginger (without the sugar coating) will vouch that it is spicy! Although it has an earthy flavor, it is spicy. Watch this video to learn more about active biomolecules in ginger. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and newsletter to learn more about the Sattvic Method.

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Medicinal Uses of Ginger

Ginger has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and in the Sattvic Method for several centuries. Taking ginger helps to alleviate several digestive conditions and is a powerful medicine to lower blood sugar. Learn more about the medicinal uses of ginger in this vlog post.

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Ginger Family

Ginger, from family Zingiberaceae, is an important family for the sattvic method. There are more than 50 genera and 1600 known species of ginger.

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Paneer: Sattvic Cheese!

We do eat sattvic paneer cheese. It is easy to make paneer at home. This vlog post describes how to make paneer. This is an oral recipe. Hope you will try to make your own paneer cheese.

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A Quick Buttermilk Recipe

Use this quick buttermilk recipe whenever you want to cool down. Buttermilk holds a more central role than the use of yogurt in sattvic diet. Learn more about the use of buttermilk.

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Ghee is the hallmark of traditional sattvic cooking. It represents the culmination of all the efforts from rising a cow to offering the ghee. It is the most auspicious product in worship, ritual, and cooking.

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A Quick Butter Recipe

Butter all fat and is an unusual product of the sattvic process. In this vlog post I share how real butter is made and even a recipe to make with butter. I hope you will try this and enjoy the recipe. Do let me know how it turned out.

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