The Sattvic Method: The Basics of Eating for Conscious Growth

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You may be reading this blog post because you care about your health and want to live as consciously as possible. However, your search must have led you through a journey that is worth it if you can find a system to support your body’s energy needs, conscious growth, and keep you healthy at the same time. The sattvic method is a system that emphasizes on routinely eating nourishing foods that are fresh, light, pure, and natural.

The main goal of eating sattvic food is to promote continued conscious growth through food. It’s essential to focus on what you’re putting into your body rather than just what you look like or how fast you can run. Eating with awareness promotes peace in the mind, body, and spirit by focusing on a healthy lifestyle. A sattvic diet plan focuses on consuming whole plant-based foods with minimally processed ingredients and recommends incorporating yoga, meditation, or other contemplative practices for overall wellness.

Origin of Sattva

Sattva is a Guna, a quality, a trait, that is inherent in all beings. Sattva is a Sanskrit term, which denotes goodness that shines through you. Sattva Guna originated with the Universe.

Guna’s are a primordial force of the Universe. They bridge the energies of the subtle astral plane with the physical plane and help in creating matter. For example, in the Hindu Shastras, the human body is called a marvel created by the multi-layered combination of Tattva and Gunas’ elementary principles in various combinations.

The five essential Tattva’s are—
Prithvi- Earth,
Apas- Water,
Tejas- Fire,
Vayu- Air,
Akasha- Space.

By themselves, the Tattva’s cannot mingle with each other. The properties of the Guna’s unite the Tattva’s. The three Guna’s are—
Sattva—light, harmony, knowledge, purity
Rajas—activity, restlessness, passion, movement
Tamas—rigidity, laziness, darkness, ignorance

Every object in this Universe, all subtle and gross forms, is a manifestation of the interaction between Gunas and Tattva’s. Consciousness flowers and remains stable only when Sattva Guna is the dominant quality of the object. Sacred plants such as Tulasi or holy basil have dominant Sattva Guna. Although all things in the Universe have an equal chance of being created with sattvic dominance, only humans can consciously choose to establish themselves in Sattva Guna.

Best Foods for the Sattvic Method

The ultimate purpose of the human body is to be able to experience the consciousness that brings you bliss and empowers you to live a purpose driven fulfilled life. This blog post explains the benefits of sattvic food in expanding your consciousness. For thousands of years, practitioners of Hinduism have tested and created the best diet for retaining sattvic energy. It includes eating in moderation and consuming rice, lentils, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

This blog post provides you information about sattvic vegetables. Sattvic cooking uses plenty of spices. This blog post explains the context of using herbs in sattvic cooking. And this blog post explains about stocking your sattvic pantry. Sattvic lifestyle is more than food as detailed in this blog post.

Healing properties of Sattvic Food

Choosing Sattvic food is not only suitable for your consciousness, but it also provides healing. The best-designed sattvic menu can help you lead a healthy life without any nutrient deficiency while being tasty. In addition, many spices used in sattvic cooking have medicinal properties, they boost your immunity, and protect you from damage due to oxidative stress.

Uncooked foods also have enormous healing properties that are often destroyed by cooking. This blog post shares the details of a no-cook cookbook with recipes in every category from salads to desserts, suitable for vegan and plant-based eaters. You can buy this book on Amazon.

Sattvic Diet supports conscious living.

In the context of Sattvic lifestyle, conscious living means you gain a deeper connection with things around you and with yourself. Sattvic living teaches you to connect deeply with your soul and do actions from that deep state of harmony. You will live and celebrate in the present rather than worrying about what will happen tomorrow or what happened the day before. Sattvic diet brings deeper awareness to yourself, and you begin to live in alignment with your values.

With conscious living, you can feel happy and fulfilled more often because you are honoring yourself. However, if you cannot connect or handle your emotions, it will affect your health in some adverse way. Only you can help yourself in this situation by eating foods that calm you and develop connection, empathy, and awareness.

Here are three ways Sattvic tips to help you develop empathy, awareness, and connection between you and other beings in your surrounding-

  1. Become conscious of waste
  2. By following a Sattvic routine, you will become more aware of your habits and drop many unproductive habits. For example, you might find that you have wasteful food habits, binge eating while watching television, or eat due to sheer boredom. You may find that you have a pattern of buying vegetables and fruits that you never eat, and you must throw them away when they rot. You may find that you buy a lot of cookbooks but never cook because it seems daunting. Whatever resources you invest in food and do not use for that purpose, the food becomes wasted. Living Sattva will provide premium services that will guide you to develop a productive relationship with food.
  3. Know your pantry better
  4. Do you know where your food is from? When you stock a sattvic pantry, you will see where each vegetable comes from and how to cook it. When you study more about the Sattvic lifestyle, you will ask a lot of questions. You will wonder if you really need to stock readymade food? You will learn how to stock a sattvic pantry, and that will help you feed your consciousness. You will learn to give the same respect you have for yourself to all creatures around you.
  5. Understand your value
  6. Everybody is born with a large portion of Sattva Guna, the quality of goodness, purity, and light in them. However, due to the circumstances of life and conditions you lived through, you might have made tough choices that moved your goal from being blissful. By following the Sattvic plan, you can rediscover that joy that can begin with food. This blog post provides you with more details about sattvic food choices.

Living Sattva can help you

You can receive support in your journey towards conscious sattvic living. Living Sattva will soon be launching a series of support systems with menu plans and more that can guide you towards your goals. Even if you are busy, you need to protect your health in order to be able to achieve everything you want to and celebrate what you created.

There is no time like the present to start this journey by using our free quiz and subscribing to our free newsletter for helpful sattvic recipes that are easy on your time and wallet. Plus, we will help you make conscious changes in other areas of life too! This will be a journey where you can grow as an individual without feeling deprived or overworked. If you have any questions, post them below. We will answer every question we receive. You can start your journey towards Sattvic food today with the simple tips outlined in the blog.

Welcome aboard to start a Sattvic journey!

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