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Cabbage is a leafy vegetable with a head of tightly packed leaves that originated from Europe. Purple cabbage, savoy cabbage, and regular green cabbage have been grown in gardens for several centuries. As a garden crop and vegetable, cabbage has been bred for color, firmness, frost hardiness, fast growth, how well it can be stored, and the weight of the cabbage head.

The leaves of cabbage, although low in calories, are filled with powerful nutrients. It’s high in fiber and has many vitamins and minerals. Cabbage provides your body with essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K (which builds strong bones), potassium (aids muscle function), calcium (for healthy teeth and bones), and magnesium (helps regulate blood sugar). Eating cabbage also helps protect against some cancers!

Cabbage is a versatile vegetable that can be enjoyed raw or cooked. They’re perfect for soups, salads, stir-fries, or pasta dishes.

If you love cabbage or are even curious about cabbage recipes, try several unique sattvic recipes with cabbage. It is a fusion of the east and west. So be sure to include more cabbage into your diet today!

Check out these delicious Sattvic cabbage recipes.

  1. Cabbage-ginger Chutney
  2. A versatile dish can be served with rice, noodles, rotis, and puris. Ginger in the recipe helps to beat the bloat. Watch the video below.
    You can eat this with: –
    – Turmeric rice:
    – Rotis:
    – Apple Puri:
    – Akki roti:
    – Aama Wadda:
    – Sattvic Kara Waddai:
  3. Cabbage Pakoda
  4. Make delicious Cabbage pakoda when looking for something crunchy and tasty. You can make the recipe for a potluck, snack, or even a delightful movie night snack. To make Pakodas follow the video to make the recipe.
  5. Cabbage Rice
  6. The best breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe you’ll ever find! You can eat Cabbage rice, a delicious vegetarian dish, for any meal. It’s healthy and easy to make with just one pot. Get your friends over and try it out today! Follow the video for making this recipe.
  7. Cabbage Subji
  8. Cabbage subji is a vegetarian dish that’s perfect for potlucks, dinners, and lunches. This video will show you how to make the cabbage subji has the perfect balance of spices and is so easy to make!
  9. Cabbage Kofta
  10. This recipe is perfect for potlucks, dinners, or lunches. It’s vegetarian and delicious! Watch this video to learn how to make cabbage kofta with a traditional Indian dish.

As you can see from these recipes, sattvic cabbage is a versatile vegetable perfect for many different dishes. We hope this article has given you some ideas and inspiration to use it in your cooking. If you liked the recipes we shared or want more information on eating healthy without feeling like everything tastes bland, try more recipes. Please subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe to our Youtube channel, where we share videos weekly, find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes at Sattva Kitchen, and buy one of our cookbooks!

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