Shivaratri Upavasa

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As adults we usually fast daily. We give our stomach a rest for six to eight hours when we sleep at night. We break the fast in the morning with a protein-rich meal, a breakfast. On shivaratri day, we forgo the usual meal patterns. We undertake Upavasa. The intention is to get closer to the divine by matching the energy levels of enlightened or divine beings. Although we usually believe that food gives us energy and shakti to lead our lives, it is in fact prana that gives us the energy. Prana infuses everything we do.

Sattvic lifestyle routines such as yoga, puja, or chanting are meant to boost or hold the prana shakti. When we combine chanting with upavasa, we acquire so much prana shakti. On Shivaratri day, it is the best time to receive a high dose of prana shakti with transmission from cosmos. Such energy awakens your kundalini shakti.

Whatever level you decide to undertake upavasa, it will increase the level of your prana shakti. Try upavasa this Mahashivatri.

After staying awake the whole night, and offering worship, people break the fast with high-protein, liquid diet. On Mahashivaratri one eats without salt.Here is a recipe for breaking any sattvic upavasa fast. Try this recipe today!

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