How to make a 12-course Delicious Sattvic Spread for Thanksgiving

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Are you looking for a way to make your Thanksgiving more conscious? Do you want to bring some deliciousness into the lives of your loved ones this holiday season? Well, now is your chance! Keep reading below for our 12-course Delicious Sattvic Spread. It’s entirely vegan and vegetarian but it will be sure to please any palate. And it is also sattvic. You’ll wow your guests with these beautiful dishes, all packed full of nutrients that are good for the mind, body, and soul.

If you’re like me then you’re probably thinking “12- courses?! That sounds like too much work!”. But don’t worry – I’ve got it all down pat so that each dish comes together quickly and easily without sacrificing flavor or presentation.

Get ready to take on this!

Order of foods

If you like desserts first, then you will love the Sattvic meal order! You will start every sattvic meal satisfying your sweet tooth and cravings.
If you are adding sugar in this recipe, wait until the rice is completely cooked.

After you sweeten your palette, you can eat something salty to prepare for the next dish.
Medhoo Wada

If you are not gluten sensitive, make some puris. If you are on gluten-free diet, make puris with gluten-free flour.

Make this quick and tasty side dish for puris. You can adapt this recipe by adding other vegetables.
Potato Saagu

You are now ready for the flavor of spices, tasty, and that is packed with the power of detox in this Tamarind rice.

Follow this with a proteinaceous recipe that is good enough to make for a comfort or a single delicious meal.
Quinoa Pongal

Try something crunchy right after the complex taste of Pongal. Bondas are made with a vegetable center and covered with a lentil coating. Deep fried bondas are tasty. Eat with dip if you wish.

The middle of the meal is time to sweeten your tooth again. You can serve 3 of 4 sweet recipes at this point in the meal. Find more delicious dessert recipes at
Chakka Payasam

Serve a mildly flavored mixed vegetable rice in this round. You can add some chips or papad as a side to this recipe if you wish.
Mixed Vegetable Rice

This is a filling recipe you can make for an evening. It is also easy to make in an air fryer.
Lentil Patties

Make this crumble as the last dessert. You can also bake a cake or pie for this course.
Sattvic Fruit Crumble

End the meal with probiotic sattvic raita. You can add plain rice to this and eat it as yogurt rice.
Sattvic Raita

In this blog post you learned how to make a 12-course delicious and sattvic spread for Thanksgiving. Let’s get started. You’re going to love it!

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