Delightful First Sattvic Meal Plans and Positive Tips for Beginners

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Sattvic lifestyle offers many great tools from the Hindu traditions for a stable, healthy, and peaceful life. Meditation is a great way to find peace and calm amid chaos. Yoga helps us build strength, flexibility, and balance. The vegetarian diet has many benefits worth considering, like reduced risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, or cancer. To grow in any area of your life, you need to put your attention in that area. Attention is a form of energy. You can generate enough energy to meet all your life goals in all areas of your life. Hindus believe there are four goals of human life: Dharma (duty), Artha (wealth), Kama (desires), and Moksha (liberation). Sattvic foods help you achieve all these goals! What is a Sattvic diet plan, and what are the benefits of this type of eating Hindu’s have followed the sattvic diet for more than 5000-years. In the face of a global pandemic or epidemic disease, we are learning about the benefits of a sattvic diet. Here is a short blog post on rasam and corona virus. If you’re looking for a new diet to try or just want some inspiration on eating healthily, then the Sattvic eating plan is perfect for you. The goal of this meal plan is to help your body and mind become more calm and relaxed. This blog post details more information regarding the sattvic diet plan. Many people who follow a sattvic diet notice that they have fewer cravings and increased energy levels. Here are some tips for beginners:
  1. Start out by frequently incorporating healthier food into your current routine (like adding one more vegetable at dinner).
  2. Eat more whole grains like brown rice or quinoa instead of processed wheat products like white bread or pasta.
  3. Make sure to incorporate protein sources such as lentils and beans.
  4. Hydrate yourself well and choose fruits and vegetables that have high water content.
  5. Exclude all artificial sources of sugar.
  6. Avoid eating baked foods.
Foods to include in your diet plan The focus of the sattvic diet is food that is by and large locally grown organic, pesticide-free, fruits and vegetables, sustainably harvested, and minimally processed. This blog post explains more about stocking your pantry to support your sattvic diet plan. You will also gradually choose more sattvic vegetables and fruits to keep your diet. Read more about sattvic vegetables in this blog post. When you are fully adapted to a sattvic diet plan, you will use specific spice blends which detox and rejuvenate the body. Read more about the nature of sattvic spices here. How to cook with these foods The first principle of sattvic cooking is to avoid cooking! If you think salads are dull and cannot be exciting, try some of the salad recipes listed below–
  1. Salad to help even the diabetic people
  2. Bell pepper salad
  3. Sattvic Beans salad
The second principle is to cook food only once. All recipes in sattvic cooking require no further processing after they have been cooked. Here are some simple and tasty recipes to try–
  1. Creamy coconut rice
  2. Bulgur wheat upma
  3. Methi poori
The third principle of sattvic cooking is to detox at every opportunity. When you detox intensely, you will also have a relatively stable body and emotions. Here is some more information about how sattvic diet can help you detox. Some spice blends help you to detox while adding flavor to the food. Take the QUIZ to figure out which Sattvic blend is right for you. Tips on how to prepare for a day of sattvic eating If you want to experience an intense breakthrough in your eating patterns or your mindset, you need to prepare for a day of sattvic eating. Following a sattvic plan to the fullest extent means you do not reach out for the bar of chocolate or bag of chips when you are going through a bout of craving, boredom, sleepiness, or anger. Sattvic meal plan supports your conscious expansion. Read more about this in the blog post Here are some tips for a successful day of sattvic eating–
  1. Plan ahead and have the resources you need.
  2. Drink plenty of lemonade (preferably without sugar), cucumber water, and coconut water to stay hydrated.
  3. Make small meals that will not require storing.
  4. Avoid foods with added sugar, baked goods, and processed fat, such as cheese.
  5. Do not eat cold or frozen foods such as ice cream, ice cube-based smoothies.
  6. Any form of alcohol is not sattvic.
  7. Watch out for hidden animal products such as eggs, lard, or other sources of animal fat.
Simple Sattvic Meal Plan with Recipes Here is a simple sattvic meal plan with quick, easy recipes. You can add chia seeds, wheat bran, or other fiber boosters if you want to increase the bulk of your servings. Breakfast menu: Eat breakfast after taking a glass of lemonade (without sugar). You can also add some citrus fruits and yogurt to any of the choices of breakfast menu given below-
  1. Pancakes with date-tamarind chutney
  2. Dosa with coconut chutney
  3. Idli with Molagapodi
Lunch menu: Begin lunch with a salad meal before eating any processed food. Here are some suggestions for a simple workday lunch.
  1. Roti with saagu
  2. Lemon rice with eggplant saung
  3. Quinoa Pongal with potatoes in tamarind gravy
Chai and snack: Take chai or snacks only 4 to 5 hours after eating lunch. If you like some fried food to go with your chai, choose the healthier options listed below.
  1. Chai with lentil patties
  2. Golden milk with Pakoda
  3. Rasam with Pizza bites
Food tips for transitioning into a sattvic-inspired meal plan You can successfully transition into sattvic food meal plans with planning and guidance. This blog post explains the changes required for a successful sattvic diet. You will have a better chance of success when you create a plan to transition to a sattvic diet. This includes eating well on time and choosing suitable fruits and vegetables to eat. In addition, this blog post explains the basis of sattvic food choice Transitioning into different diet types can be confusing and complicated. Living sattva offers many resources, including a specially prepared transition plan to help you in the process. This is a premium, personalized service that is being provided to you for a fee. If you are interested in lasting transformation and profound transition, you can also discuss our coaching services. Sattvic diets are based on the guidance provided in ancient Sanskrit texts, which describe the qualities of food that support your goal of sustaining higher consciousness. In practice, this goal requires creating a balance in one’s energy, mind, and body. The foods that we use will help you feel calm, happy, and energized throughout the day. This type of diet has many benefits for mental clarity as well as physical health. You can benefit from physical and psychological wellness perks by following these guidelines recorded in ancient texts about sattvic food. Depending on your aim, and your current habits, you may be able to accept the shift in your diet without making any significant changes to your lifestyle or eating habits. So give it a try! Subscribe to our newsletter to get more information about what sattvic lifestyle entails and how it will change your life forever – just like so many others who have tried it before!

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