Ten More Amazing Secrets of Sattvic Spice blends from around the World

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Living Sattva offers unique sattvic spice blends, some of which are available on sale in the shop. Sattvic, Hindu cooking, makes extensive use of spices. Although there are more than seventy popular spices available, all of them cannot be considered sattvic. This blog post explains more about sattvic spices. Using the right spices in sattvic cooking requires some advanced knowledge about their chemical properties and impact on human bodies.

Many types of spices are available in the market today. Unfortunately, not all of them are proper spices. Although you may buy spices for taste and increasing the flavor of food, spices have other properties that can help you in many ways. Below are ten reasons you need to consider buying sattvic spice blends that are prepared just for you.

1. Sattvic spice blends are versatile.

Sattvic spice blends stand apart because of their versatile roles in human society, such as flavoring, diet, medicine, worship, and other uses. As a result, a cook may use one spice blend for many recipes. For example, you can use the spice blend in the Okra Crisp recipe: for flavoring boiled potatoes, roasted potatoes, and mashed potatoes.

2. Sattvic spice blends have medicinal properties.

Sattvic spice blends are best known as powerful aids in healing the gut. The brain, heart, lungs, and other major organs receive feedback from the gut. It turns out that our gut is essentially a garden of microbes. How we feed these microbes determines how well we can bounce back from illness and detox our bodies. Our body needs constant detox because stress, diet, alcohol, and prescription medicines all these reactions leave a biological signature. This blog post – details the influence of the sattvic diet on healing the gut.

3. Dry herbs are poor substitutes for sattvic spices.

By the time we purchase dried herbs from the shelf, they might have lost all the essential oils in them. Herbs are unique because of the abundance of essential oils that provide the aroma and taste. Some amount of essential oil evaporates upon harvest and drying. Not much of the original essential oil remains after being packaged in jars, and many essential oils also react to the plastic bottle they are stored in. As outlined in this blog post, sattvic vegetables are harvested with care and enhance their unique properties.

4. Sattvic spices blends are healing.

Spice blends have known to have remarkable healing properties. Turmeric is an excellent storehouse of healing powers and properties. This blog post details the healing powers of turmeric. When two or more spices are blended, it provides us with an opportunity to expand the healing properties and ensure the effect lingers for a relatively long time.

5. Sattvic spice blends also serve as beauty aids.

While capable of healing the gut, most sattvic spice blends you can also use to recover anything visible on the body. For example, if you have dry, itchy skin, rash, pimple, or other skin conditions, these may also be controlled and healed using specific spice blends. This blog post – details the excellent beauty aids available in our kitchen and how we can use them.

6. Sattvic spices can be steeped in oil.

When Sattvic spice blends are steeped in oil, the species retain their healing properties longer and boldly express their properties, imparting a gloss and texture along the way. Try to make this sattvic hair oil, for nourishing your hair. Unlike store-bought oils are made with petroleum-based products, sattvic oils are prepared with natural, plant-based oil that brings healing and restores our body.

7. Many sattvic spices can be used in perfumes.

Sattvic spices flavor several of the well-known and memorable perfumes. The scent of cardamom, lotus, jasmine, and sandalwood is unforgettable. And for those using them every day during puja or worship, the smell is always associated with the auspiciousness they bring. When you make your perfumes, you realize the potency of each sattvic spice you use in the mix. Try this fragrant body scrub and experience the difference your body feels.

8. Sattvic spice blends come from around the World.

Although most sattvic spices originate from India, several spices from around the World have become integrated into the sattvic diet. In addition, some sattvic foods are considered sacred and consumed in some form daily. This blog post details the six sacred foods to eat every day.

9. Sattvic spice blends balance taste with healing.

Sattvic diet provides an entirely different system of taste and flavor that might require some transitioning for people who use garlic and onion in all their foods. This blog post – details more about the choices of sattvic foods.

10. Sattvic spice blends provide numerous health benefits.

A regular diet of sattvic spice blends has numerous health benefits. If you are vegetarian, try the sattvic diet for a short time to reap the full benefits of the sattvic diet. This blog post – gives you some tips on how you can accomplish this.

At Living Sattva, we formulate Spice blends that can serve your needs. We take into consideration several details, including geography, uses, and your requirement. Take this quick quiz to identify your favorite spice blend. Then, share the quiz with your friends by forwarding the blog post to them.

Let us know how we can help you heal, grow, and grow in the most amazing sattvic way!

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