Sattvic Empowerment Program- Unlock Your Full Potential and Create a Lasting, Meaningful Version of YOU...

Ready to ditch the self-doubt and step into
your power?

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Tired of playing small?

You Need This Right Now!

Many of us can no longer remember our dreams, and passion, and feel stuck, a loss of passion, low confidence, and uncertain of our next best move. Maybe you can relate?

The crazy thing is, deep down you know- you’re meant for more than you can achieve now and have a spark of desire to go beyond the limitations of your daily routine.

It’s time for you to discover and create a new level of success and
purpose... We can’t wait to show you how...

Imagine a program specially designed for Women

  • Shattering limiting beliefs that hold you back and build your confidence.
  • Embracing your authentic self with unapologetic fierceness.
  • Mastering assertive communication and setting boundaries like a boss.
  • Crushing your goals with laser focus and unstoppable momentum.
  • Being in a supportive community of like-minded women who lift you up, not knock you down.

We offer the Best Value

The 5-week course offers the best value to you

  • 2 hours of live class every week valued at $150
  • 5 weeks of personal mentoring valued at $750
  • Sattvic Body Course valued at $49
  • 3 Training valued at $600
  • Supportive Community Membership valued at $600
  • Numerous tools valued at $600

Total Value $2749
Price for You $597

Hurry up

Enroll in our course for $397, exclusively available for registration on April 6th. Starting from April 7th at 8 AM CST, the course fee will increase to $497. After April 9th, the price will further rise to $597. The course spans 5 weeks, with sessions held every Saturday beginning on April 13th, followed by sessions on April 20th, April 27th, May 4th, and concluding on May 11th. Secure your spot now!

Here is the outline of the 5-week Program

  • Week 1: You will Refine your Vision
  • Week 2: Identify your inner barriers
  • Week 3: Having a personal breakthrough
  • Week 4: Creating your new path
  • Week 5: Supported action to fulfill your vision and graduation

Foundational Themes

  • Reframing your beliefs: Challenging negative self-talk, identifying and dismantling inner critics.
  • Identifying and owning your strengths: Recognizing personal talents, skills, and values.
  • Building self-compassion: Practicing kindness and understanding towards oneself.
  • Understanding fear as power: Recognizing its symptoms and developing strategies to overcome it.
  • Setting and achieving goals: Defining meaningful goals, building healthy habits, and celebrating successes.

We welcome you...

We welcome everyone interested in this course and want to empower themselves with consciousness-based life skills.

Unlock dozens of courses, trainings, tools from mindfulness tradition,
private communities
, and more.....

Join Us and Experience

  • Inner Transformation: Embrace a newfound sense of confidence and authenticity. 
  • Confidence: Discover your voice, own your worth, and redefine your narrative.
  • Connection: Build lasting friendships and a supportive network of empowered women.
  • Success: Unlock doors to new opportunities and achieve your goals with conviction.

What Others Are Saying...

Gratitude for the Gita classes. Golden nuggets of wisdom and reminders! Enjoy them thoroughly. ~Radha, India

Gita meditation has been a space that has enriched me and empowered me. On days when I am looking for answers or not my usual self, I settle down and also find my answers, it is truly amazing ~ Revathi, India

Bhagwat Gita is the source of knowledge of how to lead our lives, and Ma Rani’s Gita tips have made this so simple to understand and implement. The Gita meditation circle is a reinforcement of the learnings ~ Sumita, USA

My experience with Gita meditation classes was an eye-opening one to see life from completely different perspective. I was able to identify the areas I wanted to work on and incorporate strategies to feel empowered and move forward. Rani Ma helped me to identify a new mental framework for relationships where I can express what I need without feeling guilty and setting up boundaries. I feel better control of my life. Thank you and deep gratitude, Rani Ma. ~Pallavi, India


Attending the BG sessions with Ma Rani has brought some new insights into getting to know the BG. Always heard of it, read it briefly & Krishna was just a cute deity sitting in my hallway. But now things seem to be a bit, I “talk” to Krishna regularly, say Hi to him in the mornings etc. Not easy to put into words, but there’s a big shift in wanting to know BG & Krishna more”

“Letchumiprabha Malaysia”

“My Feedback on the Sattvic Empowerment Program (4-Hour Overview) I recently had the pleasure of attending the 4-hour overview of the Sattvic Empowerment Program, and I must say, it was an enriching experience. The session was organized and highly engaging, which made the learning process both enjoyable and effective. The content of the program resonated deeply with its promise of empowerment. It provided valuable insights and practical tools that are essential for personal growth and self-improvement. Rani is exceptionally knowledgeable and created a nurturing environment that felt incredibly safe and supportive.
One of the most profound takeaways for me was the realization that “I am imperfect, I am evolving.” This insight has instilled in me a sense of acceptance and the motivation to continue evolving, particularly in strengthening my relationships with family and partners. I am grateful for this opportunity and would highly recommend the Sattvic Empowerment Program to anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic development.”

“Rupa S”


Your Mentor

Dr. Rani Iyer is a respected expert in mentoring women in sattvic, mindful, and conscious lifestyle. She’s known for her genuine approach and deep knowledge in this field. With a remarkable track record of more than 600 hours of dedicated service, Rani Iyer brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Sattvic living. She has taught cooking in person and authored many cookbooks. Born and raised in the Sattvic system, Rani has seamlessly integrated her profound learning into The SATTVIC Method, a company she founded with empathy and commitment to inspire and guide individuals on their journey towards a conscious and harmonious life. 
As the visionary leader of The SATTVIC Method Company, Rani has not only pioneered the teachings of the Sattvic lifestyle but continues to embody its principles in her daily life. Her unwavering dedication to practice, learn, and lead a Sattvic lifestyle serves as a testament to her authenticity and commitment to the cause.