Turmeric: A Healing Spice

Growing up, I saw turmeric used for numerous purposes around the home. We used it to drive away ants and other insects. We used it as beauty aid. Our kumkum, the red dot between our eyebrows, was made with turmeric. We ate turmeric when we were sick. We ate turmeric when we celebrated. Our thanksgiving, […]

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Our friend M—— told us his tale of how he came to love Indian food. Growing up in a traditional Western household, he ate a lot of meat and potatoes. At that time, he thought it was tasty. Then, he went to college in the East coast. As a student, he soon realized that he […]

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Since 2009, when I started Dine for Charity, I have highlighted the need for and importance of vegetarian diet. I have also taught vegetarian cooking classes. In my classes, I have always found that the versatility of the vegetables and the flavors of spices have been received with much positive joy. Many students have continued to […]