Remarkable Beauty secrets of Turmeric

Scientists are studying turmeric and discovering more and more remarkable properties of this spice. In many instances, the scientific studies are validating what was passed on by generations of practice, repeated by grandma’s in India and labelled as Grandma’s wisdom. The earlier blog post (link here) details the two most essential ingredients of a Sattvic […]

Beauty Aids from Sattvic Kitchen

When you organize a sattvic kitchen, it simultaneously blossoms into a pharmacy, beauty aid store and gives your food a soulful boost. You can also make your own beauty aids with what is in the kitchen. When you start experimenting with creating beauty aids, you will quickly notice one thing. What you put on your […]

One Step change for Sattvic Diet

Life revolves around the sun. When sun comes out, flowers bloom. We hear birds sing. We spend more time outdoors. It is also the time we look inwards and decide to make some changes. As a result of one such introspection episode, my close friend asked me, “What is the single thing I can do […]

Is Sattvic Lifestyle all about food?

Conversationally, a friend who practices #yoga #vegetarian #lifestyle, remarked, “….anyway, sattvic lifestyle is all about food…” “Why do you think so?” I asked. I was curious about how she reached this conclusion. “Because you talk a lot about eating right, sattvic food.” “Food,” I explained, “is a start. Sattvic lifestyle is more than food.” I […]

Is Sattvic Food the same as Ayurvedic Food?

A friend, who is familiar with Yoga and Ayurveda asked this question- Is Sattvic Food the same as Ayurvedic Food? He had not heard about Sattvic food. He was familiar with Ayurvedic food. But, he was not told anything about avoiding onion and garlic.  He was confused about Sattvic food and what it accomplished. He […]

Sattvic food: Habit or Choice?

  While talking about my food a friend asked me, “Are your food restrictions a choice or habit?” To me, this is not a simple question. It helps me to understand and identify the underlying confusion about Sattvic food and diet. Sattvic food has restrictions. Unless we understand the context of these restrictions, it will […]

Organic and Sattvic: Not Really the Same

Today, more and more people are eating organic food. The concept of organic food is of interest to everyone. The ideals of organic food appeals to most people because of its inclusive nature. Here is a short introduction to the concepts behind organic food:

Stocking a Sattvic Pantry

My friend Monica is interested in Sattvic cooking. She asked me, I want to start a Sattvic kitchen. How do I go about doing this? The question has several answers. This blog post covers information about stocking your kitchen. The next blog post will cover about what kinds of vessels are used in sattvic kitchen.

Can You Be Healthy and Normal on a Sattvic Diet?

Until we decide to change something, we never know the extent of our knowledge or ignorance. It is important to be open and willing to test this out for yourself. Swami Vivekananda once said: “Experience is the only source of knowledge.” You can read more about where this quotes from here. In response to last month’s blog […]

A Sattvic Diet is Best for Body and Mind

One of my newsletter subscribers asked me this question: “Why does sattvic diet avoid onion or garlic?” Thank you for asking this question. I am answering this question in the blog because it might help other people also. People often tell me, “We are vegetarians. So, we eat sattvic food.” One common misunderstanding about sattvic […]

SuperFood: Lentils!

When I traveled to Turkey, it took me only 20-minutes to convey to the tuk-tuk driver that I was looking for an eatery that served vegetarian food. The success was not due to my ability to speak Turkish or Arabic. In my garbled talk in English and a mixture of Hindi and Urdu, I blurted […]

No-Cook Cookbook: It works!

Food means different things to different people. For my grandma, food was medicine. She said, “A good cook needs no medicine.” What she meant was, a vigilant mother cooked for the health of the family. If a child is having sore throat, she would cook up foods with ginger and pepper. The food would not […]