Staying Slim on a Sattvic Diet

My friend, who has been eating sattvic and vegetarian food for one week on a trial basis, had a question for me, “ I noticed that I am eating a lot more food when I tried the recipes posted by living sattva. Will I gain weight?” The underlying question is it possible to manage weight […]

Sattvic Food Routine

During the online cooking session, my friend asked me, “Give me some examples of sattvic food routine.” A typical sattvic diet begins with detox regime. Choose any one of the three regimes or rotate the regimes every 21 days. Do not try all of them simultaneously. Routine 1: In empty #stomach. One cup warm water, […]

Is Baking Sattvic

Is Baking Sattvic?

A friend asked me this question: Is baking sattvic? I know we cannot use egg, but, is baking in general a sattvic activity? Thank you for sending this question to me. The short answer to this question: it depends. Sattvic diet did not design baking as an activity because of a lifestyle choice. Sattvic food […]

Simple Sattvic Lunch on a Workday

This last week, my dear sister Masha and I did something fun together. It did not matter that she was on the west coast, and I live on the east coast. We could still connect and talk. When I called her one afternoon, it was past 2 pm. Her morning had started off in a […]

A Recipe Makeover

My sister Masha, from Russia, shared a COVID baking recipe with me. Working from home is an opportunity to rest and do some self-care while working. She made cottage cheese bread from a recipe shared below. She wanted to know if the recipe was sattvic or if there were any changes to be made. I […]

Is Sattvic Food Tasty

Is Sattvic Food Tasty?

A reader asked me this question: You make sattvic food without good things like onion or garlic or even fantastic spices like green chilies. There are also some vegetables one cannot eat, for example, mushrooms. So, given all those restrictions, I wonder if sattvic food is tasty. It surely cannot be tasty with so many […]

Is Instant Food Sattvic

Is Instant Food Sattvic?

During a conversation this week, my friend asked me a question: Is instant, ready-to-eat food sattvic? Since this requires a long answer, I am sharing it as a blog post to help other people who follow sattvic diet. There are many types of instant food. Not all of them are the same. When you are […]

Sattvic Vegetables

Sattvic Vegetables

A friend asked me this question, “Is it a fad, or is there anything called sattvic vegetables?” Thank you for asking this question. Like my #friend, I hope you will also read through the entire article to understand the deeper aspects of sattvic vegetables. It is essential to not only understand the short and long […]

Sattvic Food for Healing the Gut

Sattvic Food for Healing the Gut

A friend has developed #ulcers as a side effect of some allopathic/ western medication she is taking for another condition.  It is now time to #heal the ulcers. Sattvic diet and lifestyle can help to cure ulcers. Long term adherence to the #sattvic #diet will help to keep your guts clean. Recent #scientific studies have […]

Balancing Act with Sattvic Food

Balancing Act with Sattvic Food

A reader wanted to know if the Sattvic diet had a focus on any food groups. Several popular diets promote Low carb diet, a No-fat diet, a Protein-rich diet, and a Keto diet. Where does the Sattvic diet fall? Thank you for sending this question. Sattvic diet is entirely different from the popular diets described […]

Sattvic Detox Routines

Sattvic Detox Routines

A #friend who regularly detoxes asked, ‘Are there sattvic detox methods? If yes, how safe are they?” Yes! There are numerous sattvic #routines available for detox. This blog post helps you understand how toxins are created in our bodies in the first place and the effects of #toxins on our bodies. #Weightloss is one of […]

Sattvic Activities for the Family and You!

Readers of Sattva Tattva #blog have asked for tips and sattvic #activities for the #family at this time of self-quarantine. Some have asked for activities for the family with kids. Others have asked what they can do with their teenagers and their children to keep active. The idea behind these requests is to learn some […]