Are Spices Sattvic?

Are Spices Sattvic?

When I shared the announcement of opening a Living Sattva Store on The WMarketplace, a friend asked me this question, Are spices Sattvic? Sattva is the quality of purity and goodness that is found in all things around us. All around us are several types of fruits and vegetables, most are suitable for eating, but […]

Global Ganesha Chanting

Global Ganesha Chanting

To support friends and families in these challenging times, Living Sattva is offering a #global #prayer session to Ganesha for removing all obstacles on May 15th.  Future sessions will be offered twice a month coinciding with the auspicious times for #Ganesha: Vinayaka Chaturthi (4th lunar phase) and Ganesha Chaturdashi (14th lunar phase).  Join us to […]

Support Your Conscious Expansion

Support Your Conscious Expansion

In recent times, under the assault of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vegetarian lifestyle has come into focus and scrutiny. Vegetarians, a study was rumored to have reported, have less chance of being infected by the COVID-19 virus. But, as World Health Organization clarified, vegetarian diets do not prevent Coronavirus.  However, to slow #climatechange and prevent […]

New Book introducing Hindu Temple

New Book introducing Hindu Temple

It is a blessing to be raised in a #family, and in a #tradition that turns for #divine guidance and intervention in trying times. When we are tested, we need powerful positive messages that will help us remain powerful. Temple has always been that space for millions of #Hindus around the world. In my personal […]

Is Jain food Sattvic?

A reader sent me this question: Is Jain food Sattvic? Jains are a #Hindu religious sect. They have a set of unique #lifepositivevalues they adhere to, such as Ahimsa (non-violence), Aparigraha (non-possessiveness), Anekantavada (multifaceted), Satya (truth), and Brahmacharya (celibacy). These principles have driven their cuisine and their food preferences. Unlike the sattvic diet, Jains do […]

Creation Stories

Human beings have an eternal fascination with #creation. If there is nothing, we create stories to fill up the vacuum. Every human emotion is tied to a story. All searches, even the deep and profound ones, have a story to tell. The ultimate account of a #civilization is the creation story, which details how the […]

New books for Devi Navaratri

Celebration of Devi Navaratri begins with intense spiritual preparation in the period called as Mahalaya Paksha. Why prepare? We prepare to receive the blessings of this holy period in full measure. During this period the divine feminine energy showers powerful blessings that will capitulate us to achieve higher purposes in our life. Our conscious growth […]

Staying Slim on a Sattvic Diet

My friend, who has been eating sattvic and vegetarian food for one week on a trial basis, had a question for me, “ I noticed that I am eating a lot more food when I tried the recipes posted by living sattva. Will I gain weight?” The underlying question is it possible to manage weight […]

Sattvic Food Routine

During the online cooking session, my friend asked me, “Give me some examples of sattvic food routine.” A typical sattvic diet begins with detox regime. Choose any one of the three regimes or rotate the regimes every 21 days. Do not try all of them simultaneously. Routine 1: In empty #stomach. One cup warm water, […]

Is Baking Sattvic

Is Baking Sattvic?

A friend asked me this question: Is baking sattvic? I know we cannot use egg, but, is baking in general a sattvic activity? Thank you for sending this question to me. The short answer to this question: it depends. Sattvic diet did not design baking as an activity because of a lifestyle choice. Sattvic food […]

Simple Sattvic Lunch on a Workday

This last week, my dear sister Masha and I did something fun together. It did not matter that she was on the west coast, and I live on the east coast. We could still connect and talk. When I called her one afternoon, it was past 2 pm. Her morning had started off in a […]

A Recipe Makeover

My sister Masha, from Russia, shared a COVID baking recipe with me. Working from home is an opportunity to rest and do some self-care while working. She made cottage cheese bread from a recipe shared below. She wanted to know if the recipe was sattvic or if there were any changes to be made. I […]