Stove Top Autumn Casserole

Stove Top Autumn Casserole – Easy Vegetarian recipe for thanksgiving or any time!

Are you trying to eat more vegetarian and plant-based meals this year? Well, Living Sattva has the perfect recipe for you! This Stove Top Autumn Casserole is a light and healthy twist on your traditional Thanksgiving dish. Even meat-eaters will love it! It’s also super easy and quick to make, so there’s no excuse not […]


How to make a 12-course Delicious Sattvic Spread for Thanksgiving

Are you looking for a way to make your Thanksgiving more conscious? Do you want to bring some deliciousness into the lives of your loved ones this holiday season? Well, now is your chance! Keep reading below for our 12-course Delicious Sattvic Spread. It’s entirely vegan and vegetarian but it will be sure to please […]

Discover How to Make Authentic, Simple, And Delicious Apple Recipes

Discover How to Make Authentic, Simple, And Delicious Apple Recipes

Apples are ready for harvest by fall. Biting into the juicy, crunchy apple is a satisfying snack. It is also a healthy snack while boosting fiber and vitamins. Apples are sweet and have high sugar content. Still, the natural sugar in an apple can help regulate blood sugar levels and energy, making them a great […]

Simple Delicious Sattvic Soup

Simple Delicious Sattvic Soup Recipes to Make this Fall

Fall is here, and it’s time to get cozy with some healing and delicious soups. With the change in weather, the leaves are changing colors and falling off trees. It’s easy to feel a sense of loss as the fresh produce from summer disappears. Soups are great for any season but especially during Fall. Soups […]

The basics of eating for conscious growth

The Sattvic Method: The Basics of Eating for Conscious Growth

You may be reading this blog post because you care about your health and want to live as consciously as possible. However, your search must have led you through a journey that is worth it if you can find a system to support your body’s energy needs, conscious growth, and keep you healthy at the […]

Orange & Green Autumn Leaves Self Care

Upasana and Upavasa Awakens Your Hidden Powers During Navaratri

The Hindu celebration of Navaratri is the oldest unbroken tradition focusing on the Divine Feminine aspect. As recorded by sages of the yore, the entire creation is the manifestation of this divine feminine principle. Navaratri literally means nine nights. This book provides you with information about how to prepare for Navaratri and celebrations beyond this […]

Basics of sattvic cooking

Basics of Sattvic Cooking

There are about 400,000 vegetarians worldwide. Gallup poll (2018) showed that 5% of US adults identify themselves as vegetarians. The number is slightly higher in Canada with 7.1% and lower in Britain (2%). Although for various reasons, most vegetarians have identified the need to learn to cook with delicious vegetables and spices. People have identified […]


The Ultimate Sattvic Diet Meal Plan: Nourish Your Body and Spirit

Are you looking to nourish your body and elevate your spirit through a wholesome and balanced diet? Look no further than the Sattvic diet, a holistic approach to eating that focuses on purity, clarity, and harmony. In this article, we present to you the ultimate Sattvic diet meal plan, a guide to help you embrace […]

Ten More Amazing Secrets of Sattvic Spice blends from around the World

Ten More Amazing Secrets of Sattvic Spice blends from around the World

Living Sattva offers unique sattvic spice blends, some of which are available on sale in the shop. Sattvic, Hindu cooking, makes extensive use of spices. Although there are more than seventy popular spices available, all of them cannot be considered sattvic. This blog post explains more about sattvic spices. Using the right spices in sattvic […]

Can I grow my spices

Can I grow my spices?

Looking at my spice store a visitor asked me this question, Can I grow my spices? Most spices used in sattvic cooking grow in the tropical climate. The spices have a long history of trade and commerce with well-established trade routes by the Middle Ages. Ginger, black peppercorn, cinnamon bark, cloves, nutmeg, cumin, nutmeg- the […]

Are Spices Sattvic?

Are Spices Sattvic?

When I shared the announcement of opening a Living Sattva Store on The WMarketplace, a friend asked me this question, Are spices Sattvic? Sattva is the quality of purity and goodness that is found in all things around us. All around us are several types of fruits and vegetables, most are suitable for eating, but […]

Global Ganesha Chanting

Global Ganesha Chanting

To support friends and families in these challenging times, Living Sattva is offering a #global #prayer session to Ganesha for removing all obstacles on May 15th.  Future sessions will be offered twice a month coinciding with the auspicious times for #Ganesha: Vinayaka Chaturthi (4th lunar phase) and Ganesha Chaturdashi (14th lunar phase).  Join us to […]