No-Cook Cookbook Giveaway

It is summer time and vegetables are available in plenty. Chances are that you have some access to farmer’s market or organic vegetables. You could also be growing your own vegetables. You can enjoy many of these vegetables without cooking them. Each vegetable has its own natural taste. This natural taste causes us to like or dislike the veggies. Sattvic Eating It is important to eat a third of your meal raw. Food is sacred.
In the context of Sattvic cooking, raw food is considered to be the direct gift of the divine.
In Sattvic cooking, raw food has a specific definition. The food that has not been touched by fire is called raw food. The source of vegetables that go into the raw food must be organically grown. Vegetables grown always preferred, unless you live in a place where no sattvic vegetables are grown. Varieties of raw food Eating raw food is a lifestyle for many people. Sattvic diet does not require you to eat raw food or #paleodiet at all times. You can eat cooked food and pickled food. As long as 1/3 of your food is made of raw food, you are eating a sattvic meal plan. In the No-cook cookbook, you will find a variety of recipes in the following categories—
  • Appetizers
  • Main courses
  • Side dishes
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
Here is  the book video for the no-cook cookbook. Resources If you are new to #sattvic #food the following #blog posts will be useful for you- know how to stock a sattvic #pantry learn the difference between sattvic food and #Ayurveda food the purpose of sattvic diet #organic and sattvic are not the same Our blog posts also has #recipes to make your #own #beauty #products and #tips for #fasting. Please #subscribe to our blog for weekly updates.   How to sign up for the book giveaway The book giveaway is open for all who want to sign up. The give away will end on August 8, 2018. After this date, 5 lucky winners will be randomly selected from the list of people who have signed up for this book giveaway. Here is the link to sign up for the #free #book #giveaway.   Here is the Facebook note on the book giveaway. Please like our page to get daily updates and recipes. You can also buy the book here: Kindle version/ Printed book   Thank you so much for your support.  We appreciate your interest and participation in this giveaway. Hope you are one of the lucky winners!

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