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A friend has developed #ulcers as a side effect of some allopathic/ western medication she is taking for another condition.  It is now time to #heal the ulcers. Sattvic diet and lifestyle can help to cure ulcers. Long term adherence to the #sattvic #diet will help to keep your guts clean.

Recent #scientific studies have shown that there is a #direct #connection between your gut health and all the body functions, including the #brain. The relationship between the gut and brain is physical and #chemical connections. There are #millions of nerves connecting millions of #neurons that connect the gut-brain link. Foods that soothe and improve gut health, also benefit from rich gut interactions. Another unique feature of the gut is the #microbial flora it contains. A healthy human adult typically harbors more than 1000 species of #bacteria, many species of archaea, viruses, and eukaryotic microbes. The #food we eat decides the microbes that live in our guts. Here is a #quiz you can take to give you an indication about the health of your intestines.

Ulcers occur when our body has plenty of #toxins overload, the rhythm of the body is disrupted, and the #gut temporarily loses its capacity to heal and fall back into a natural #rhythm.  Because the gut becomes weak, some microbes become aggressive and #dominate the #stomach causing further damage to the walls of the #intestine. You can follow sattvic detox routines as indicated here.

In my friend’s case, ulcers occurred due to the drying of the mucus lining in the stomach and intestine. Taking the medicines constantly caused drying up or weakening of the mucous membrane lining the walls of her stomach and small intestine. The medicine cured one condition, but also ended up dumping a lot of #toxins in the body. Because of the toxins, the stomach lining becomes weak and gets burned by the acid in the stomach, finally leading to a wound, causing ulcer. Read this #blog post to understand how to remain #toxin free.

A sattvic diet can help to rebuild the gut.

A sattvic diet can help to rebuild the gut. Sattvic diet does not avoid any food group; instead includes all groups in moderation. Read this blog post for more information to provide the framework of sattvic diet. Easily digestible food, with healthy fat, such as ghee, is the hallmark of Sattvic food tradition. Cooling foods without hot spices ensure that acid secretions are minimized and under control.

Pongal is one of the best foods to eat in this situation. Living Sattva has published a book of recipes on Pongal with 25 varieties of #Pongal. Eating Pongal at least once a week ensures healing of the guts and provides a tasty, healthy meal. #Fermented foods such as #dosa, #idli, and #yogurt helps to rebuild the gut microbes gradually. Try new meal #combinations such as eating dosa or idli by dipping it in yogurt instead of chutney or sambar. Make recipes such as Mor kozhambu, #raita, and mung dal.  Lemon rice, yogurt rice, vegetable rice are other #delicious recipes you can eat to heal your gut. Make simple #soups such as squash-lentil soup, rice soup, or moongdal soup to promote rapid healing of the intestine.

Vegetables that can aid in healing after ulcers are cucumber, okra, tapioca, sweet potato, taro root, leafy vegetables such as red spinach. Cook with little ghee or coconut oil. Add generous amounts of #turmeric, pink salt, and #cilantro. For refreshing drink- coconut water, almond milk, or cashew milk. Avoid #coffee and #tea or any hot beverages. Say no to carbonated, high-sugar drinks.

Fruits rich in water such as #watermelon, #cantaloupe, and #pears are best suited for healing the ulcer. Avoid all processed food, deep-fried food, and boxed cereals. Stay away from artificial sweeteners, including sugar, use honey instead. Stop smoking tobacco or drinking any #alcohol in this situation.

Another type of ulcer is caused due to #stress, #anxiety, and worry coupled with improper diet, poor #sleeping habits, and lack of routine. Avoid raw foods such as salads and oven baked foods such as #bread, #pastries, and #cornbread. Adapt the #menu, an example is shown.

For #yoga, practice the kriya to heal your gut. Follow the instruction here. For yoga asana practice Padmasana, Vajrasana, Bhujangasana, Pawanmuktasana and Paschimothana.

Practice a sattvic lifestyle for long term benefits. Gentle sattvic lifestyle will give plenty of benefits. Please #share this article to reach out to people who will benefit from this. #subscribe to our monthly #newsletter and #Youtube channel for more tips and resources. Be #safe, stay #healthy.

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