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  1. Consistently achieve results—no pricey purchase needed
  2. Instantly expand your energy— in the zone of no thoughts no energy is wasted in thoughts
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  4. Effortlessly— switch your attention to what matters the most
  5. Develop strong Intrinsic Motivation— with attention and energy you choose the optimal activity to ensure the best health for your brain

This course is a necessity today.

Digital distraction, brain fog, attention deficiency, fast content, digital addiction, short content, video content, skimming habits, all these have left your brain mashed up and vulnerable. If you experience writer’s block, feel intimidated, or freeze up when it comes to writing, this course is for you. Harness the full power and potential of your brain through ancient meditation techniques that expand your brain to engage in art and immersive meditation at the same time. 

Through Writing Meditation, Likitha Japam, you can create habits that safeguard and make LASTING changes in the wiring of your brain. You can retrain your brain effectively with these ancient techniques.

Discover how easy it is

Create new habits to expand your brain daily.
Create new habits to expand your brain daily.
Become positive influence on your loved ones
Become positive influence on your loved ones
Reduce the ‘brain fog’
Reduce the ‘brain fog’
Introducing the

Writing Meditation

Fast track your brain to creative expansion
With the 30-day Art-Powered Meditation, get the ancient secrets to expand your brain by direct instruction every day!


*30 powerful methods, simple but essential techniques (a new one delivered in person daily)
*Make consistent progress and see results with the single action steps
*30 deep seating seed letters to launch your breakthrough
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Here’s some of what you’ll discover in the 30-day Art Powered Writing Meditation:

Week 1: Basics and foundation
This week you will learn the connection between your brain and writing. 

Week 2: Generating the flow
This week you will learn the art and science of generating flow.

Week 3: Anchoring to rewrite 
The third week will focus on the anchoring of daily practice and diving deeper with creative limits.

Week 4: Rewiring the brain
In the final week, learn how to rewire the brain and discover connections between shapes, forms, and sounds.

Sign up for a 29-day Writing Meditation from Dec 15, 2022, to January 13, 2023.

Your Price: $147.99

Art supplies list will be provided upon sign up. Participants must purchase their own art supplies.

About Instructor:

Rani Iyer learned this art in childhood and has created art-based writing pieces for more than 10-years. Her work has been displayed in several places.

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