Harmonize your Life

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Explore body

Dive deep into the intricacies of your physical self. Discover
the harmony within, and learn to appreciate the beauty that resides in every cell.

4 Pillars

Gain practical insights
into how to apply the
timeless principles of the
Sattvic Method in your
daily life for holistic wellbeing.


Energy Layers

Uncover the layers beyond the physical, tapping into the
energetic dimensions that influence your overall vitality.


Body Intelligence

Understand the intelligence woven into every fiber of your being. Learn how to listen to
your body, respond to its
needs, and elevate your

🌈 Why Choose the Sattvic Body Course? 🌈

This course is not just about change; it’s about embracing the profound. It’s a holistic journey that empowers you to connect with your body at a level beyond the superficial. The Sattvic Method invites you to bring more attention to your body, fostering a deep sense of well-being and consciousness.

Harmonize Your Life

Feel Good in Your Body, Mind, and Soul

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Class starts on January 14, 2024

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true self. Embrace the Sattvic Method, and let the magic unfold within you!


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“I highly recommend the Sattvic Method courses to anyone interested in having a deeper understanding about themselves, their bodies, and how the energy of consciousness permeates their daily lives. Rani is a very knowledgeable and skilled facilitator who will support you on your unique path. ” 

“Suzanne Davidson” 


Rani Iyer is a respected expert in living a mindful and conscious life. She’s known for her genuine approach and deep knowledge in this field. With a remarkable track record of more than 600 hours of dedicated service, Rani Iyer brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Sattvic living.

Born and raised in the Sattvic system, Rani has seamlessly integrated her profound learning into The SATTVIC Method, a company she founded with empathy and commitment to inspire and guide individuals on their journey towards a conscious and harmonious life.

As the visionary leader of The SATTVIC Method Company, Rani has not only
pioneered the teachings of the Sattvic lifestyle but continues to embody its principles in her daily life. Her unwavering dedication to practice, learn, and lead a Sattvic lifestyle serves as a testament to her authenticity and commitment to the cause.