Gita Micro Meditations

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Embrace your inner power and navigate life’s challenges with grace with our beautifully designed 30-card devotional set, inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita.

Created especially for women, these empowering cards offer daily doses of guidance and support, helping you find answers to life’s questions and overcome obstacles with confidence.

Each card features:

  • Uplifting messages derived from the Gita’s profound teachings, are presented in a way that resonates with the modern woman.
  • Easy-to-read, large font for clear and comfortable reading.
  • Pleasing design that adds a touch of serenity and beauty to your daily ritual.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader, a dedicated meditator, or simply seeking inner peace, these empowering cards are a must-have companion on your journey.

Deepen your connection with the Gita and unlock your full potential.

Plus, receive exclusive offers!

  • Sign up for our FREE Gita Meditation classes and learn powerful techniques to cultivate inner peace and clarity.
  • Explore our paid programs for a more comprehensive exploration of the Gita’s wisdom and its application in your daily life.

Start your journey to a more empowered and peaceful you, today!

Hurry up and grab your set for just $5.99 (discounted until July 12, Gurupurnima after then, $9.99)

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