Rani Iyer

Rani Iyer is the CEO and founder of SATTVIC Method, a company that helps women suffering from painful bloating, constant diarrhea, or constipation to revive their digestive system by transforming their energy and mental clarity.

Born and raised in a Sattvic lifestyle, Rani has intimate knowledge about all aspects of  Sattvic Science. She teaches sattvic cooking classes and offers products for sale based on her knowledge of this ancient science.

Rani Iyer is a respected expert in living a mindful and conscious life. She’s known for her genuine approach and deep knowledge in this field. With a remarkable track record of more than 600 hours of dedicated service, Rani Iyer brings a wealth of experience to the realm of Sattvic living. She has taught cooking in person and authored many cookbooks. Born and raised in the Sattvic system, Rani has seamlessly integrated her profound learning into The SATTVIC Method, a company she founded with empathy and commitment to inspire and guide individuals towards a conscious and harmonious life.

As the visionary leader of The SATTVIC Method Company, Rani has not only pioneered the teachings of the Sattvic lifestyle but continues to embody its principles in her daily life. Her unwavering dedication to practice, learning, and leading a Sattvic lifestyle is a testament to her authenticity and commitment to the cause.