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Peepal- Healing Book

Peepal- Healing Book

The peepal tree, Ashwatta in Sanskrit, has been a sacred tree since antiquity. Seals of the Peepal tree can be found in the excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization. The roots of the tree house Bramha, the creator; the trunk of the tree house Vishnu; and the leaves represent Shiva. The gods are said to hold their council under the tree. Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts mention the healing properties of Peepal. The pictures in this book offer protection and calming effects no matter where you are. May the healing energies of Peepal bless and give you peace!

Tulasi! Healing Book

Tulasi is one of the most sacred herbs. All parts of Tulasi are considered to be sacred. Glimpses of Tulasi is enough to activate gratitude and through that we can achieve everything in life. These books are meant to give relief from the stress, anxiety, panic, and loneliness. They also offer good support for neuro degenerative brain diseases.

Sattvic Smoothies for Healing and Detox

NEW FORMAT! Delicious smoothie recipes to keep you energized all through the day. Recipes are developed based on the ancient sattvic principles and keeps your mind clear of fuzziness. Try our cookbooks today.
Mayoor- Healing Book

Mayoor- Healing Book

Mayoor, the peacock, is a fascinating colorful creature. It has been associated with divine beings and thus is worthy of our veneration and protection. Peacock feathers are auspicious and bring prosperity, safety, and a positive aura. The pictures in this book evoke security, wealth, and peace. We hope you enjoy this offering!
Healing Book! Banyan

Healing Book! Banyan

Follow the healing light on the sacred banyan tree for one minute. Helps you and your beloved ones handle anxiety, stress, and loneliness. Flip through the pages focusing on the light and breathe deeply. You will experience wellbeing and connectedness with life around you. Stress, anxiety, and sadness will disappear when we engage with life and events happening around us. FREE! Nature coloring book for healing.
Quick Sattvic Recipes for one

Quick Sattvic Recipes for One

More people are trying vegetarian diets due to ethical and health related reasons. If you are living alone and cooking for one or you are the sole vegetarian or vegan person in your family, this book is for you! The delicious simple recipes were made in the middle of the pandemic season when people were working from home. You can make delicious meals from vegetables that grow locally. Follow Masha, who partnered in this week-long experience, as she makes delicious meals. Let us know your favorites!

Om Workbook

Om is a sacred sound and symbol for many communities around the world. This book provides the script to write Om in several languages. Writing Om is considered as a form of meditation.

Hindu Temple: A Sacred Sanctuary

A Hindu temple is created by enlightened beings to recharge humans with cosmic energy. Every temple is created for a special purpose. Come, come, come to a temple… walk back with the divine! Learn how to make your home temple, build a connection with the deities, and manifest everything you want.
Tasty Pongal Treats

Tasty Pongal Treats

Pongal is synonymous to celebration, comfort food, and cosmic connection. Every January as the sun changes its path into Uttarayanapunya kala, we celebrate Pongal. This book shows you how to make pongal on a stovetop and in a hotpot. You can make Pongal recipes for neivedhyam (gratitude offering to the cosmos) or for potluck or parties. In this book you will find recipes that are both trendy and traditional.
Lotus Book Cover

Healing book! Lotus

Follow the healing light on the sacred lotus blossoms for one minute. Helps you and beloved ones handle stress, anxiety, and sadness. Flip through the pages focusing on the light and breathe deeply. You will experience wellbeing and connectedness with life around you. Stress, anxiety, and sadness will disappear when we engage with life and events happening around us. FREE! Botanical coloring book for healing.

The Miracle Chant of Ganesha: Manifest your True Desire

When obstacles stand in the way of manifesting your true desire, you can rely on the miracle chant of Ganesha. The book provides guidance to the chant in Sanskrit and English, preparation for practice, best times to chant and more! The powerful chant will give you guidance regarding the nature of obstacles and how to energetically clean them up to manifest your true desire.

Om a Creation Story

Om is the sound of the cosmos. It is the beginning of cosmos and expansion. This book traces the creation of the universe beginning with the sound of Om. Includes back matter with verses.

Your Full Guide for an Amazing Navaratri Experience

Worship and honor of the Divine Mother is unique to Hinduism. There are several traditional celebrations offered by Hindus at this time. Many of these traditions are offered at temples or need a large satsang (company of seekers) to celebrate. “Your Full Guide for an Amazing Navaratri Experience” presents the preparation, practice and celebrations around honoring Divine Mother in your personal way. Intense preparations for Navaratri begin well before Navaratri and end around Deepavali.