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Carrot chutney

Recipe index

  1. Apple Poori S, V
  2. Avocado- bell pepper relish S, V, GF
  3. Bell pepper chutney S, V, GF
  4. Bell pepper soup S, V, GF
  5. Black-eyed peas soup  S, V
  6. Bulgar what Upma S, V
  7. Cabbage Kofta S, V, GF
  8. Cabbage Subjee S, V, GF
  9. Chia soup S, V, GF
  10. Coconut Chutney S, V, GF
  11. Creamy Coconut Rice S, V, GF
  12. Cucumber relish S, V, GF
  13. Date-Tamarind chutney S, V, GF
  14. Diabetic Salad S, V, GF
  15. Eggplant Fry     V, GF
  16. Eggplant Saung S, V, GF
  17. Erisheri S, V, GF
  18. Garbanzo soup with avocados S, V, GF
  19. Hash browns  S, V, GF
  20. Kollu Paruppu S, V, GF
  21. Kollu Paruppu Soup S, V, GF
  22. Malt mix S, V, GF
  23. Methi Poori, Sattvic S, V
  24. Moong Dal Soup, Sattvic S, V, GF
  25. Nacho Soup S, V, GF
  26. Oven-baked Samosas S, V
  27. Quinoa Pongal S, V, GF
  28. Quinoa Soup S, V, GF
  29. Ragi Kanji S, V,GF
  30. Rasam Powder, Sattvic S, V, GF
  31. Roti S, V
  32. Rice Kanji with chia seeds S, V, GF
  33. Rice paper soup S, V, GF
  34. Sattvic Fruit crumbleS, V, GF
  35. Sattvic Lemon Pickle S, V, GF
  36. Sattvic Potato soup with chia seeds S, V, GF
  37. Sattvic Potato in Tamarind Gravy S, V, GF
  38. Sattvic Rasam S, V, GF
  39. Sattvic Tomato Soup S, V, GF
  40. Sattvic Veggie Uppuma S, V
  41. Savory Cookies S
  42. Snake gourd fry with ginger S, V, GF
  43. Sweet-Sour Soup S, V, GF
  44. Thiruvadirae Kalli S, GF
  45. Tortilla sandwich S, V
  46. Vegan pancakes S, V, GF
  47. Vegetable peel chutney S, V, GF

S = Sattvic recipe; V= Vegan recipe, GF= Gluten Free