Is Sattvic Food the same as Ayurvedic Food?

A friend, who is familiar with Yoga and Ayurveda asked this question- Is Sattvic Food the same as Ayurvedic Food?
He had not heard about Sattvic food. He was familiar with Ayurvedic food. But, he was not told anything about avoiding onion and garlic.  He was confused about Sattvic food and what it accomplished. He wanted to know the difference between Ayurvedic food and Sattvic food. I am sharing the answer in this blog post.

Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing and well being. Ayurveda is called a Veda or compendium of knowledge that relates to life, health and well being.

It is aligned to the central goal of Sanatana Hindu Dharma by helping to maintain the human body at the peak of energy flow. This degree of wellness is required for a person to experience and express oneness with cosmic consciousness. The human body is considered as a platform or medium to experience of the flow of cosmic consciousness.
Diseases are caused by energy blocks in our body. The mind-body connection is emphasized in Ayurveda and imbalances in our body. Food, which fuels our body functions can have a big impact on our wellbeing. The purpose of Ayurvedic diet is to use food as a medicine. It helps us to correct our bodily imbalances.
Here is a short video that explains Ayurvedic food—

The characteristics of food are used to aid diagnostic purposes and provide cure for the disease. For example, every food has taste. These tastes are used to characterize the nature of reaction it produces in the body. Spices and vegetables can warm the body or cool the body depending upon your body type. Some foods agree with your body type, others don’t. These have been studied by ancient master’s and categorized and classified. The foods build the tissues of the body. Food fuels the tissues to build based on their native characteristics. At every given stage in life, what our body needs varies. Our needs change seasonally. Our needs are different at different times of the day. Ayurvedic food guides us through these processes.

Ayurveda teaches us how to use food, spices, and plants as medicines.  Ayurveda is not all about food. There are specialized potions, drugs, treatment procedures that help specific conditions. The focus and goal of Ayurveda is to strengthen your body and keep it in peak working condition.

Sattvic food is a diet for conscious living. The goal of Sattvic food is to ensure that we are at our peak energy flow. Foods that are considered medicine are not consumed daily under Sattvic diet. Sattvic food concerns both with the purity of the food and way we consume the food. This includes the way food is grown, processed, prepared and consumed. Practicing sattvic diet means we follow some rules about cooking and eating. For example, sattvic foods should be cooked with light, balanced blend of spices that aid our body in multiple ways.  Sattvic food does not make us emotional. They remove the fuzziness in our thoughts and bring clarity in our thinking. Sattvic food improves, supports and enhances powers such as intuition, clairvoyance, and heightened ways to receive information. These powers are inherent in everyone. By following certain diet and routine, it is possible to grow it further. Several modern scientific discoveries and breakthroughs were made under high intuitive states. Here is an article that explains more about intuition, emotional connection and breakthrough.
Another important consideration regarding Sattvic food in today’s world is the consideration for all creatures and the earth.

Sattvic lifestyle is extremely earth friendly, life positive and focused on enhancing the life-giving traits. Sattvic food are non-GMO, grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and generally grown locally.

Sources of sattvic food include seasonally available foods that are grown only in natural conditions. For people living in the Western hemisphere, seasonal weather restricts the availability of the right kinds of foods. To overcome these short comings, we use foods grown in other regions or grown in green houses that have no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
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To summarize, sattvic food feeds our conscious growth. Ayurvedic food aligns our body to this purpose. Sometimes we might need more Ayurvedic food as medicine to heal and repair or body. Some Ayurvedic principles are used in Sattvic food preparation. Few Sattvic food preparation techniques are also used in Ayurvedic food. Although they both stem from the same source, their purposes are distinct.

Sattvic pasta
Vegan, Glutenfree Pasta

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